Makeup Dysmorphia

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It’s that time of the night to start getting ready for whatever is in store for us. As we lay out all of our holy grail products, brushes and sponges, we prepare ourselves to spend the next hour on perfecting our makeup that NEEDS to stay on all night.

Our routines are muscle memory where we can pick up the right brush to apply our Patrick Ta blush with our eyes closed. It’s agreed upon by everyone that getting ready to go out is better than actually going out, but our night derails before it can begin as our trusted foundation spreads or splotches all over our face.

Why? Nothing in our routine changed, so why is the outcome different this time? 

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Always Prep Your Skin 

Before the makeup routine, it’s important to begin with the skincare routine. We want to start with a clear canvas before painting on it! Our skin can hold excess oils or produce dry patches that affect the application of our base makeup.

Foundation will not hold on to the oils or dryness in our skin which causes it to spread and leave patches. It’s simple: wash your face with your go-to cleanser and moisturize before applying all the base products. 

Also, don’t skip out on primers that are meant to be applied under your skin tint or foundation. A primer acts as another product to smooth over the following products. Primers can hydrate our skin, minimize our pores and hold our makeup in place to prevent any unwanted spreading!

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Foundation Isn’t One Size Fits All

Skin types come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from excessive oily to extremely dry skin year-round. While we often accommodate our skincare routine to these needs, it can also explain why our foundation may not mix well with our skin.

Foundations have different formulas. If you have drier skin, look for foundations that act as hydrating and achieve a dewy look. 

On the other side, look for mattifying foundations for oily skin as they balances out the excess moisture that makes us appear sweaty and shiny. Some foundations or skin tints can work better for sensitive or acne-prone skin, but it takes extra research to find the best fit! 

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Less Is More 

Sometimes we use a little more product than usual to cover that blemish or color to correct some areas, but generally using too much product can lead to spreading. Some facial areas need less or more products than others, like our noses. 

Different makeup companies and artists recommend using leftover products on our noses to achieve a flawless base. Time is of the essence. If you want to achieve a full coverage look, let the foundation absorb into your skin before applying another coat.

Don’t rush yourself! Remember that it’s better to show up late and look our best than to show up on time and feel rushed. 

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