Clean Makeup: A Lot For Just a Little

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Recently, the beauty scene has begun valuing the clean makeup look. A lengthy skincare and makeup routine is completed to create a polished appearance. The goal of this look is to seem put together with little to no effort. VALLEY wants to know why we are trying so hard to look like we don’t. 

Vogue Beauty Secrets

Fashion and celebrities both affect what goes on in the world of beauty. These two are effectively intertwined in the video series called Vogue Beauty Secrets. In each video, a celebrity films themselves, explaining their own personal beauty tips.

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These videos have a certain kind of serene nature to them. The celebrity speaks to the camera as if it was one of their close friends. The viewers can follow along with the celebrity as they complete their skincare and makeup routine. 

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Rise of Minimalist Brands

Over the past few years, makeup and skincare brands alike have devoted their advertising to creating a simple yet sophisticated look. Brands such as Glossier and Drunk Elephant have made minimalism popular again. 

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Skincare products, including sunscreen and lip balms, are commonly applied and reapplied throughout the day, often becoming daily staples. The success of their advertising campaigns shows the appeal of simplicity.

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Moving Away from Maximalism

Every makeup look is different, but VALLEY believes that the clean and simple looks are here to stay. The rise of comfortable loungewear, and fashion mirrors this effect on beauty. 

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Most looks have a cohesive aesthetic that shows through both the face and clothes alike. Rarely is it that someone’s makeup contrasts from their apparel. However, the clean look is versatile and can be worn anywhere at any time with any outfit.

Comfort of a Routine

It’s soothing to feel you’re at your best. An extensive skincare and makeup routine will make us feel like we gave it our

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Even if clean makeup isn’t your main aesthetic, its preparations resemble all the other makeup looks. A beauty routine can be comforting when you can follow the same steps every day.

The Steps to Follow

There are two parts to achieving a clean makeup look. Below are a few suggestions to help recreate the simple appearance.


The order of products helps maintain the skin’s glow. If these are followed one after another, the skin should appear clear and hydrated. 

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Order of product application 

  1. Face wash
  2. Toner
  3. Serum
  4. Moisturizer
  5. Sunscreen


The last step in creating the clean look involves the application of makeup. These steps, if followed correctly, can help you create a polished appearance. 

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Order of makeup application

  1. Foundation
  2. Concealer 
  3. Blush and highlighter 
  4. Eyeshadow and mascara 
  5. Eyebrows 
  6. Lipstick/lipgloss
  7. Setting spray and powder
Less is More

Minimalism has recently become popular again in Western culture. From home decor to footwear, VALLEY says that simple designs reign supreme. 

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Makeup isn’t any different. In the past few years, beauty trends have encapsulated what is going on in the fashion world. 

If everything is so chaotic, why not keep your makeup look simple? The process might be lengthy, but the finishing result is worth it. 

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