Mercury and the Moon Are to Blame for Your Crazy Dreams

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Have you noticed that your dreams have been whack lately? Well if so, don’t worry; you’re definitely not alone.

The planet Mercury has been in retrograde since January 30 and will last until February 21.

Mercury in retrograde means that Mercury is moving at a speed slower than earth. The planet appears as if it is moving backward from our view on Earth. 

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You’re probably wondering what Mercury has to do with your dreams occurring more often than usual or being super weird lately. To answer your questions, Mercury retrograde is one of the causes of this.

When Mercury is retrograde, we tend to think of our past more than usual. Past conversations, friendships, moments and more come back into our lives.

Mercury in retrograde is also known to cause stress, mess with technology and bring problems to our day-to-day life. 

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The specific problems of the past and stress are the most common causes of dreams during Mercury in retrograde, but another occurrence that has happened recently is a full moon, which is also said to heighten emotions and cause more active dreaming in an individual.

Full moons are another cause for crazy dreams. There is a theory that this is because the human body is made up of approximately 60% water, and the moon has gravitational effects on water. 

It is said that similar to the tides, moods heighten and fall with a full moon, which will obviously mess with your mind.

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When your mind isn’t at ease, your dreams will begin to act up.

Julie Coleman, a senior at Penn State majoring in biobehavioral health with a minor in psychology, says she feels as if she has a connection to the moon.

Coleman said that when she sees the moon, she believes it “just looks beautiful,” and she “stares at it for at least two minutes.”

“I honestly feel connected to it. I just have always loved the moon,” Coleman said. “I think it’s so special. Somehow it has this pull.”

Recently, Coleman has experienced more frequent dreams, which she said started on January 23, and a full moon occurred where Coleman was located on January 28.

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Another student, Mathew Mendoza, a freshman studying kinesiology, also experienced more frequent dreams recently.

“I normally don’t really dream at all, and then I just had all these dreams back to back to back,” Mendoza said. 

He said that he usually does not remember what happens in his dreams, but with these more recent dreams, he would remember “every single thing.”

Mendoza also said that anything that was happening during his day would translate into his dreams at night. 

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This dream craziness may last until February 21, so make sure to stay as stress-free as possible so no potential nightmares occur!


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