Mercury Retrograde May End, But Mercury Retroshade Is Just Beginning

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Ahh, the dreaded mercury retrograde has passed once again. 

In times of uncertainty, more and more people align their personal plans and activities with their personal horoscopes. This is why Mercury Retrograde has become such a part of our modern lexicon.

An ex finds a way back into your life, old mistakes may resurface, secrets may be kept or exposed — all the nuances of life are blamed on this retrograde period. These things may have in fact been brewing for a long time, but it is now that they come to light. And, it makes sense. The planet Mercury governs information and accessibility to the truth, so it’s easy to see how this slowdown can wreak havoc in our lives.

Every few months or so, the planet Mercury moves backward across the night sky, or at least, it appears to, due to an optical illusion. Outside of the retrograde period, Mercury orbits faster than the Earth around the sun. But, during this astrological phenomenon, Mercury moves at a slower pace, creating the illusion that it goes in reverse.

Though Mercury Retrograde lasts about three weeks, that doesn’t quite capture the whole picture. There is a two-week period before and after the retrograde where the drama doesn’t end: Mercury Retroshade, which can be just as challenging if not more so. Things are in flux with no commitment or decisions in sight. So, while you think that you can finally release that breath that you have been holding, you may need to think twice.

 What is Mercury Retroshade?

It’s the two-week period before and after the actual retrograde when everything begins to slow down. The pre-shadow phase starts the motion of the things that will affect us during the retrograde: the initial manifestation of the drama. The post-retrograde shadow period emphasizes how we manage or handle the situation that occurred during the pre-retrograde time.

What To Expect

This is a time when situations from the past that you thought you had buried long ago may come back to you. People who have been absent from your life will reappear, and you may want to reevaluate or revise that and other relationships. The Retroshade period can help you decipher those relationships without the added ambiguity, confusion and heaviness of the retrograde.

Not every retroshade yields havoc and insanity in our lives. Sometimes, it can be a great period to reassess or reconsider matters that have been put on the back burner, especially situations that deal with your academic career. Maybe you finally figure out your major or get that assignment done that has been plaguing your thoughts.

Tips To Get Through Mercury Retroshade

So, unfortunately, Mercury Retrograde is a little longer than you thought, but VALLEY has some tips and tricks to get you through the other side of this period.

  1. Journaling: It is always a good idea to break out your journal for a bit of self-reflection. However, it is especially important to write down your emotions and situations during this cosmic phase, noting how it is affecting you.
  2. Alone Time: Find a few moments away from people and focus on yourself. Take a long hot shower, stay in for a little movie night or go for a walk. Anything will do as long as it gives you that time to yourself.
  3. Choose Your Words Wisely: Miscommunication is at an all-time high, so be sure to be clear in your words and emotions.
  4. Rest: You may find yourself completely emotionally exhausted during the Retroshade period. If you are extra tired, make sure that you step back from your strenuous activities and rest. Implement more self-care and get those extra hours of sleep.

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