What Happens To A Wardrobe Deferred?

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Does your closet slowly turn into a collection of trends and basics? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? To save yourself from giving up on your aesthetic dreams, start by getting the phrase, “But I could never pull off something like that off!” out of your vernacular. Your comfort zone is a graveyard for unique and inspired outfit ideas. Naturally, it can be hard to build the confidence to make that dream wardrobe a reality. Want to stand out and leave the basics behind? Here are some things to think about to help you tap into your wild side.

TikTok is constantly letting us know that none of our thoughts are ever original, even our insecurities. Hail, “The Hat Girl Theory.” Imagine this scenario: a girl steps out wearing a trendy hat. The rest of the world thinks nothing of it. Better yet, she is assumed to be a “hat girl”— a girl who can and does throw on any kind of hat because she’s just chill like that. She’s effortlessly cool. Onlookers assume that this accessory is a part of her regular routine. In reality, nobody will ever know if she’s just trying something new or wearing something tried and true, because she looks incredible regardless.

Circling back to the whole “I couldn’t pull that off” thing, it’s a common phenomena for someone to have imposter syndrome while wearing a hat; they feel like everyone can tell they never wears hats and that they looks stupid. The moral of the hat theory is that we are all more obsessed with ourselves than we think, but in a self-deprecating way, in a way that you need to let go.

Essentially, the “hat girl” doesn’t exist because as long as you own it, simply wearing a hat makes you a hat girl. You just have to unleash her.

Another way to get more comfortable creating a style of your own is to stop asking for other people’s opinions. Listen to your gut, that’s why you have one! If you put an outfit on in the morning that you like, do not ask for someone else’s approval before taking on the world. Dress for yourself, not others.

Social media influencer Victoria Paris started going viral in 2020 for her whimsical outfits. She stuck out in the TikTok community because she didn’t follow trends.

The piece of advice that she gave to fans for breaking out of their style shells is to fall in love with the process, not the labels. What she means by this is that getting dressed for the purpose of getting compliments from others will always leave you unfulfilled. Instead, focus on the fun of finding pieces that just make your heart flutter.

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The biggest principle when it comes to embracing your own style is to just act like you don’t care what other people think, and eventually won’t be acting anymore.

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