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Filmed in nine different locations around the globe and one of the most inclusive television shows in our era, Netflix’s “Sense8” is anything but simple. 

With a racially diverse, globally aware and LGBTQ inclusive cast, “Sense8” is truly one of a kind. It tells the story of how eight different people on various continents are connected through mind and body.

The crew even hired local actors to the specific areas to keep everything in the show as authentic as possible. The sci-fi thriller that brought fans from all over the world together was a hit among some, but not all. Yet, experts estimate the show was costing Netflix about 9 million per episode. In comparison, when the hit series “Game of Thrones” embarked on its first few seasons, HBO was spending 8 million per episode.

Combine that outrageous budget with a less than average promotion campaign and what do you get? A series cancellation. And the problem is that “Sense8” had the potential for so much more than its sudden ending. Between each fantastic character that one can’t help be invested in, actors who are completely committed to their craft and the unpredictable twists and turns of the plot–the program should’ve been a hit.

Typically when a series gets canceled, there is no hope for revival…but in this case, the fanbase of “Sense8” stepped up to the plate like none before its time. People from all over the world campaigned on social media for another season. With petitions, fund pages and letters to Netflix, it’s safe to say the fans got the attention they were looking for from the streaming giant.

Although the fandom may not have gotten exactly the outcome they wanted, they did, in fact, revive the show from cancellation into a (mind-blowing) two-hour special. The story simply could not go unfinished and “Sense8” did not disappoint. Creators attributed the fans’ successful campaign to the love they share for the show and the determination to see it through, as noted in co-creator Lana Wachowski’s love letter to fans here. The program was one of a kind in the fact that it brought people together from all different backgrounds and this showed when it mattered most.

So maybe fandoms do have power after all? Netflix seems to think so…dreams really do come true! Watch the “Sense8” finale on Netflix for a fantastic ending to an incredible journey that reminds everyone we are all more connected than we may think.


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