A Duo We Never Expected: e.l.f x Chipotle

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Calling all burrito and beauty lovers: affordable beauty brand e.l.f Cosmetics has brought back its one-of-a-kind collaboration with Chipotle Mexican Grill for a second limited-edition collection — and it’s looking delicious.

Beauty brands are known for stepping out of the box with collaborations, but this one has a special mission behind it.

Chipotle has always found great success among Gen-Z consumers, so it’s no surprise our Chipotle downtown almost always has a line around the block.

E.l.f brings in the same crowd: money-conscious young people who are in need of high-quality makeup products. All the products in the collection are quite a bargain at under $20, so the sophomore collection is bound to be a huge hit — much like the first, which sold out in under four minutes last spring.

The beauty brand’s Chief Marketing Officer explains that the collaboration was a product of both brands’ “renegade spirit” and commitment to “bringing the best ingredients to our consumers at extraordinary prices.”

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The collection includes a bright red lip gloss, two makeup sponges mimicking an avocado (a nod at Chipotle’s delicious guac) and a 12-shade eyeshadow palette recreating the color scheme of Chipotle’s vegan menu options. With every palette purchase comes an offer of free chips and guac. Not to mention, there’s a makeup bag in the style of Chipotle’s chips bag in the collection as well.

With warm neutrals, pink, brown and glittery gold shades, the palette is perfect for any occasion — a daytime look, a night out … you name it. Who would’ve thought that the shades of Chipotle could be an aesthetic?

Chipotle’s crowd of college students seeking affordability and their commitment to ethically-raised cuisine, along with e.l.f’s vegan-friendly mission make the two a perfect duo.

Chipotle’s Vice President of Digital Marketing Tressie Lieberman stated that Chipotle’s source of inspiration for the collection was Gen-Z, the brand’s mission to promote vegan-friendly menu options and their support of the cruelty-free movement, which harmfully tests products on animals.

Lieberman explains in a press release that Chipotle is constantly seeking opportunities to “lead culture and make authentic connections with Gen-Z alongside brands that share similar values.” With this quirky collaboration, the two brands aim to spread their mission of ethical consumer buying for young people, while still maintaining affordability: a perfect medium.

Though this year has been considerably tough on the foodservice industry, Chipotle has kept a steady fortune, maintaining high popularity on social media with the help of TikTok and millions of users sharing their personal Chipotle orders.

This e.l.f collaboration is just the beginning of Chipotle’s vision for even greater future success.


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