90’s TV Revelations That Might Just Ruin Your Childhood

photoFor a lot of us, reminiscing on our “true 90s kid” childhood always entails talking about our favorite TV shows – from the developmental shows like “Blue’s Clues” to the awesome mysteries of “Scooby Doo”, we had the best shows to watch growing up.

What’s even better than watching these shows when we were little, is watching them now and realizing all of the jokes we missed. The kicker – most of them were adult themed and aimed at our parents so they didn’t pull their hair out watching reruns of “The Powerpuff Girls.”

Regardless of whether any of these were purposeful or really strange coincidences, I thank all of the writers for giving me something to laugh at while I babysit (or you know, when I’m home for a break and there’s nothing else to do at 11 a.m.). Here are some things that will probably blow your mind. Caution: they might ruin your childhood.

“Blue’s Clues”

I’m about to drop the biggest bomb on you: Blue is a girl. Seriously. Watch any episode of Blue’s Clues and Steve (or that other guy Joe or whatever) will probably say “she” in reference to Blue. (I don’t know about you guys, but I always thought Blue and Magenta were a little more than friends.)

“Full House”

I don’t know of a single person who thought DJ’s friend Kimmy wasn’t annoying, but nobody hated her more than Stephanie Tanner did. In one scene where Kimmy’s talking about horoscopes, Stephanie says, “What’s that, Kimmy? A telescope that can only see your face?” (Now I’ve heard arguments that she might have been saying her face is horrible, but come on, 90s children’s shows got away with a lot more than it can today.)

“Scooby Doo”

I remember being around 13 and my parents telling me that Shaggy and Scooby were stoners. Riiiiight, nice try, guys. Then recently I watched the live-action version of “Scooby Doo”, and a girl introduced herself to Shaggy as “Mary Jane” to which he proclaimed “That’s, like, my favorite name!” Oh.

“The Rugrats”

This was my favorite show as a kid, and watching some episodes every now and then will kind of kill my childhood buzz. In one episode, Grandpa Lou mentions playing Russian Roulette, and in another he shows the babies some movies and says, “And my personal favorite, ‘Lonely Space Vixens’! Uh, that’s after you go to bed.”

“Hey! Arnold”

There are a few hidden jokes in these episodes, as well. Arnold’s grandpa has a bad memory and when Arnold tries to tell him he has plenty of brain cells, he responds with, “Well, not after Woodstock.” While we’re at it, run a Google image search “Arnold’s grandpa’s head.” I’m sorry in advance for what you won’t be able to un-see.

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  • Avatar Debbi says:

    i thoroughly enjoyed reading this article!!!! I have a 20 yr. old daughter & an 18 yr. old son.
    It brought back good memories.
    Thanks Natasha for taking me back to those good times.

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