“Sex and The City” and Sex Posivity: Samantha Jones as the Sex-Positive Blueprint

“Sex and The City” is and will forever serve as an iconic piece of cinematic history. Samantha Jones’s character radiated and embodied sex-positivity in ways that were comical but still hold very true to supporting the sex-positive movement in a nonchalant way. Samantha Jones’s iconic, erotic, provocative and exciting character is quite literally the 2000’s sex-positive movements blueprint.

What exactly is the Sex-Positivity Movement that Samantha Jones’s character on the infamous “Sex and The City” carried on her shoulders? Sex-positivity is the push for a societal shift toward a positive and supportive outlook about sex, to empower people to explore and embrace the beauty that is their sexuality. 

Image from @makingitmanhattan on Instagram.

We’ve seen centuries of societal pressures that taught women to keep within the bonds of a sex-negative world. Samantha Jones’s character was sex-positive before it was cool and her character still serves as an example — and not just for her fashion inspo. 

We observe her character actively exploring her own sexuality in various ways, whether it be through different people … or places. Whatever her sexual journey entails, she highlights that it is entirely her individual journey, in which she completely excludes any external judgment or viewpoints getting in the way of living her life the way she desires. Noting she will “never be judged by you or society,” is truly her ultimate motto. 

Samantha Jones is not just New York’s sex icon. She is completely and utterly the blueprint of the sex and body positivity movements all in one very well-dressed being. Her character is most known for her rejection of public opinion with her “if I worried about what every b**** in New York said about me, I would never leave the house,” mentality. She creates her own rules and half the time doesn’t even abide by them, because she feels no pressure besides the pressure to please herself. 

Image from from @sixxtv on Instagram.

She does not oversimplify or justify herself in any other words other than that she always did how she pleases. The sex-positivity movement was not as notable at that time as it is today. Maybe Samantha Jones functioned only for the intentions of Hollywood; the provocative character that always comes in with something provocative to say about her own sexuality to excite the show. 

She redefines the societal stereotypes of monogamous relationships, age limitations and female sex-negativity, while simultaneously reinforcing her internal self-esteem security. We love Samantha for her “I love you, but I love me more,” approach to relationships.  

Knowing some of your Zoom classes may be playing in the background of you cleaning your apartment as one would with a podcast, let’s switch it up by attending class and reward yourself by rewatching the queen of sex-positive New York do what she does best. 



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