Tik Tok Food Influencers You Need Follow Right Now

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If you’re looking to find new recipes and improve your cooking skills, look no further than Tik Tok. Cooking influencers have taken advantage of the 15-60 second time limit to create quick and engaging tutorials that anyone can follow along with. Many users have their FYP filled with cooking videos, ranging from classic recipes to creative concoctions. Both chefs and amateur cooks alike are sharing their best recipes, which has made cooking more easy and accessible for everyone. VALLEY is here to share our favorite Tik Tok cooking influencers that you NEED to follow.

Cooking with Shereen
Photo posted by @cookingwithshereen on Instagram.

@cookingwithshereen brings a fiery upbeat energy to cooking Tik Tok. She tells you each step in a clear and engaging way, so you’re bound to perfectly recreate her recipes. Many of her videos showcase meals that people often view as difficult to cook, but she is able to break it down for you. After all, her slogan is “Because You Can!” Shereen also posts “Chefie Tip” videos, which can range from how to chop garlic effectively to how to properly treat pie dough. Check out her Tik Tok to spice up your cooking game and impress your friends!

Halle Burns
Photo posted by @halburns on Instagram.

@ballehurns is famous for posting videos of her vegan food creations. Her calming presence makes following her recipes a comforting and enjoyable process. Most of the snacks and meals she makes can easily be created in any college dorm or apartment, which makes her an amazing influencer for college cooks. Some of her latest recipes include stuffed cucumber bites, sweet potato sliders, and vegan cheese. If you’re looking for healthy and vegan alternatives to some of your favorite meals and snacks, you need to check her out!

Gordon Ramsay
Photo posted by @allaboutgordon on Instagram.

There’s no doubt that you know of @gordonramsayofficial’s insane cooking abilities, but did you know he had a Tik Tok? Gordon posts cooking videos, as well as videos critiquing Tik Toks people have tagged him in. His videos have a great energy that is reminiscent of many of his TV shows, if you’re a fan. From showing users how to make a vegan steak to posting the perfect dumpling recipe, Gordon has got you covered with his many years of culinary experience!

Ereka Vetrini
Photo posted by @erekav on Instagram.

If you’re looking for some homey recipes, @erekasfood is for you! Ereka posts amazing recipes, with many of them being catered to families and comfort food lovers. She is notorious for posting delicious pasta and dessert recipes that are perfect for cooking for friends and family. Recently, Ereka has posted an Irish soda bread recipe, dessert flatbread tutorial, and a vegan Cacio e Pepe recipe! If you visit her Tik Tok page, we can assure you that you’ll leave with some new cravings.

Nutrient Matters
Photo posted by @nutrientmatters on Instagram.

@nutrientmatters is a Canada-based cooking influencer that aims to provide users with nutritious recipes. Many of her recipes are plant-based, which makes them very accessible for people with varying diets. She also posts some great tutorials for cooking fish and meat, so anyone can find something to delicious to enjoy. Some of her most viewed videos include a pico de gallo recipe, her maple sugar salmon recipe, and her coconut lime chicken recipe. Go check her out!

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