Skin Care: Are These Popular Products Reliable?

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Have you ever felt like it is absolutely impossible to find the perfect skincare products that work for you? VALLEY feels the same way! We dug deep to find products to look for that are both reliable and affordable. One of the biggest struggles about skincare is that usually some of the best products are pretty expensive. Some of these products have been found to be expensive for no other reason but the brand name while more affordable drug store products seem to get the job done. This is not always the case, as VALLEY also found that some of the least expensive skincare products are for a reason; let’s look at which ones are which.

If you’re active on TikTok, you might have come across the widely known Hyram Yarbro, skincare specialist and content creator. Hyram specializes in skincare and is constantly reviewing the most widespread products, and he is definitely a tough critic. One of Hyram’s videos that caught VALLEY’s attention was his “Skin Care Preferences” TikTok where he openly says he prefers drug store products over luxury products. This is definitely something to note before you assume that the price reflects the quality of these products.

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Hyram has also posted many youtube videos that introduce the best and cheapest skincare products, again confirming that you do not need to break the bank for great skin. Additionally, Hyram has posted many videos ranking a whole variety of skincare brands which is entertaining to watch because he is absolutely hilarious yet extremely helpful.

VALLEY wanted to dive deeper and figure out the best things to look for when shopping for skincare products. VALLEY spoke with Anna Buineicz M.D, an Esthetician Physician at Buineicz Plastic Surgery. Anna has years of specialty in this profession and knows everything there is to know about skincare products.

According to Anna, “The most important thing to look for are products containing retinol; this helps restore skin and damage to the skin cells.” Additionally, “look for products with glycolic acid; these are good for patients with really sensitive skin, and using topic Vitamin C products in the morning brightens the skin,” said Anna.

Some examples of the most affordable products containing retinol that VALLEY found are from The Ordinary, Paula’s Choice and The INKEY List. Some affordable products containing Glycolic Acid are from The Ordinary, Glossier and CeraVe. The least expensive topic Vitamin C product that VALLEY found is from The Ordinary. It seems this brand is consistent, which makes sense as many skin specialists, including Hyram, rave about it.

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