Penn State Student Makes a GoFundMe Page in Honor of This Season’s The Bachelor “Villain”

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On Monday, Penn State senior, Mark Chandley, was inspired by the most recent episode of The Bachelor and the newest dramatic story line that had the Internet up in arms. This season’s most talked about “villain,” Corinne Olympios, revealed to the other girls in the iconic mansion that at the age of 24, she still had a nanny, Raquel. Then when asked what her nanny did, Olympios said that she did just about everything for her, including “cut her cucumbers for lunch.”

I’ve never watched it before but I thought it would be good comedy,” says Chandley. “Then I met Corinne,” his search for a good laugh was met within the first few minutes, “I absolutely despised everything about her and that she’s a grown woman with a nanny,” he says. 

Chandley was inspired to act upon this discovery and by the end of the night, he had created a GoFundMe page, where users can post causes that other people can crowdfund for. “I thought it would be really funny if we started a movement to save her nanny from the clutches of Corinne,” says Chandley.

Recently, several GoFundMe pages had went viral as a result of calling attention to comedic causes. After a string of celebrity deaths in the last few months of 2016, Demetrios Hrysikos created a page called, “Help protect Betty White from 2016,” which would “keep her safe till Jan 1 , 2017.” This effort ended up raising $9,245 of its $10,000 goal in just 22 days.

While Chandley’s page, called “#FreeRaquel2K17,” has not yet come close to its $100,000 goal, it has over 25,000 shares on social media sites. “I never thought it would blow up like it did, I never dreamed that it would even get a dollar,” says Chandley, “but I think it’s really funny that it has.”

As of Wednesday night, the “#FreeRaquel2K17” page was at $75 and several comments have been made about the page’s intentions.

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A comment from Facebook user, Sandra Bill Frizzell

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Comments from Facebook users, Anne Marie Perry and Kyle Branston

“I have gotten backlash from people who are raising money for legitimate reasons and I understand their feelings,” Chandley says, “I, in no way, want to take away attention from their efforts.” Chandley says that all of the money raised is being held by GoFundMe until he contacts Raquel, the aforementioned nanny. “If I can’t make contact with her or she doesn’t want it, every cent will be returned to the donors or we will discuss donating to a charity,” he says.
The “#FreeRaquel2K17” page hasn’t just struck a chord with the Internet community, but it has also been picked up by national publications, Elite Daily and US Weekly. Not to mention, commented on by Olympios herself.
Posted by Corinne Olympios | @colympios

Posted by Corinne Olympios | @colympios

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Posted by Corinne Olympios | @colympios


There are many things that make Valley proud of our Nittany Lions, and as The Bachelor fans ourselves, this just makes us laugh!