A Movie for Every Mood

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Who needs a therapist when movies exist? Whether you are having an existential crisis or you just got dumped, VALLEY has a movie for your every mood.

When you’re feeling nostalgic

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“Dazed and Confused” (1993)

This coming of age movie set in 1976, follows the lives of a group of small-town Texas teenagers as they get ready for summer. The movie embodies the magic of being young and it has a way of making you want to get up and dance.

When you want a mystery

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“White Bird in a Blizzard” (2014)

This mystery thriller starring Shailene Woodley as Kat Conners follows the life of a teenage girl haunted by the disappearance of her seemingly perfect mother. Despite her best efforts to suppress her emotions regarding her mother’s disappearance, Kat finally confronts her unanswered questions. The movie builds up to an ending nobody saw coming.

When you want to laugh

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“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” (2008)

This is the perfect mixture of comedy and romance executed flawlessly by an all-star cast. When a freshly dumped Peter, played by Jason Segal, accidentally stays at the same hotel as his ex-girlfriend, the result is hilarious. The process of forgetting Sarah Marshall is wildly entertaining and even a little heart-warming. 

When you are heartbroken

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“Call Me By Your Name” (2017)

This critically acclaimed film brilliantly displays the self-discovery that comes with falling in love and being heartbroken for the first time. “Call Me By Your Name” stars Timothee Chalamet as a blossoming teenage boy, in love for the first time with a 24- year old graduate student. Set in beautiful northern Italy, the movie is tragically beautiful—both aesthetically and metaphorically.

When you are having an existential crisis

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“Lady Bird” (2017)

Lady Bird is a coming of age tale about a teenage girl facing the anxieties of her future during her senior year of high school. The film is centered on the main character “Lady Bird” and the turbulent relationship she shares with her mother. Director, Greta Gerwig, flawlessly captures the humor and the drama that comes as a side effect to simply existing. It is the perfect movie for your next existential life crisis.

When you’re missing home

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“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” (2002)

This is the perfect movie to watch when you’re missing home. Quarantine might make missing your family sound impossible but it’s bound to happen again one day. This film gives viewers that warm fuzzy feeling that only a family can give. There is no shortage of laughs and even some tears as Toula Portokalos, a young Greek woman, comes to terms with her culture and identity while simultaneously being in love for the first time. You don’t have to have a colossal greek family to fall in love with this movie.

When you want to be scared

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“Midsommar” (2019)

This psychological horror movie is the smartest horror movie you will ever watch. To call it disturbing would be an understatement. The movie about a group of young Americans who get caught up in a bizarre competition led by a pagan cult is mind-bending.

When you need a pick me up

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“Love Actually” (2003)

“Love Actually” is the ultimate feel-good movie and waiting until Christmas time to watch it is torture you don’t deserve. The immaculate, star-studded ensemble will leave you a hopeless romantic with your faith in humanity restored. Spoiler alert: this is a movie ending that won’t leave you emo for a week.

When you want to cry

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“Blue Valentine” (2010)

One movie reviewer described this film as “an autopsy of a failed marriage.” Blue Valentine is a bittersweet film of great depth about a couple in two times of their life, when they were falling in love and when they were falling out of it. The movie is as intense as it is honest, so naturally, it evokes a lot of raw emotion.

When you want to feel inspired

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“Frida” (2002)

This biographical drama based on the life of Frida Kahlo is sure to leave any viewer inspired. The passionate film tells of the extraordinary professional and personal life of the legendary painter. Salma Hayek plays Frida and is absolutely captivating.

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