Best Bravo Shows to Watch if You Love “Real Housewives”

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Bravo is known for its hit reality TV shows; the “Real Housewives” franchise has expanded across the country and makes for very entertaining TV, but Bravo has a lot more to offer. If you love the housewives then you’ll love the rest of Bravo’s lineup, too. So without further ado, here are the best Bravo shows to binge instead of rewatching RHONJ again.

Southern Charm

Take a front row seat to the scandalous lives of Charleston’s upperclass. “Southern Charm” follows 6 singles in South Carolina in their daily lives. The show does a great job of contrasting the rich history and elegance of Charleston to the immaturity of many of the cast members. “Peter Pan Syndrome,” the want to stay young and avoid settling down for as long as possible, runs rampant among the cast, leading to very interesting relationships.

When it comes to this show, it’s definitely worth it to start watching from the very beginning. The relationships, feuds and friendships change at the drop of a hat, leading to rapid character development (for at least some of the cast). With break-ups, make-ups and lots of drinking, this show is filled with drama and has virtually no filler episodes, making it totally worth the binge.

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2. Vanderpump Rules

If you love the Housewives, you’ll surely love this spinoff of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” which follows the waitstaff at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants. With a loyal following, “Vanderpump Rules” is currently airing its seventh season. While most of the cast started out working at SUR, Vanderpump’s “Sexy Unique Restaurant,” few of the cast members still work there. However, that doesn’t stop them from showing up and wreaking havoc.

Again, this is one of those shows you should start from the beginning because the cast has definitely changed a lot from when filming started back in 2012. Not to mention some of the show’s most iconic moments come from earlier episodes. Now, the show is still worth the watch because the cast forgive but never seem to forget past arguments, leading to a friend group that gets drunk and fights with each other at almost every opportunity they get.

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3. Summer House

Wouldn’t you love to get away from your busy life to vacation in the Hamptons with your best friends? A group of New Yorkers spend their weekends doing just that on “Summer House,” an up-and-coming Bravo show. This show has it all: hysterical comebacks, drunken fights and hook-ups galore. It’s surely enough to make you want to call your friends and get a summer house together, too.

Working hard during the week leads these New Yorkers to play even harder on the weekends. The set-up of ‘Summer House’ also allows some of your favorite Bravolebrities to join in the fun. Shep, Craig and Austen from ‘Southern Charm’ made appearances on the latest season of the show and Stassi from ‘Vanderpump Rules’ paid a visit in the first episode.

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4. Below Deck

Instead of focusing on the lives of the wealthy, this hit Bravo show follows some of the working class . “Below Deck” is about a group of young adults who work on yachts. The series follows the crew both on and off charter or on and off shifts, for those of us unfamiliar with boats. While working, the crew must meet all of the demands of their clients, no matter how grueling. And somehow everything that can go wrong, will.

The show also showcases some of the most gorgeous places around the world, making it a great way to quench your thirst for adventure during quarantine. Although you may have never even thought of the tumultuous, but rewarding world out at sea, this show is extremely entertaining and has been a recent success for Bravo.

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5. Watch What Happens Live

“Watch What Happens Live”  is a talk show run by the face of Bravo himself, Andy Cohen. It airs every weeknight, usually after whatever Bravo show was on that night. Cohen usually tries to invite on stars from the show that just aired, but sometimes there are other celebrities or Bravolebrities to give their take on that night’s episode and life in general.

Andy Cohen is one of the best talk show hosts because of his outrageous questions, which seem to know no limits. He also makes the show interactive for viewers both in the studio and at home by creating a drinking game to whatever secret word he chose that night, taking fan’s calls for questions and holding polls to gage viewers’ responses. No matter what Bravo shows you watch, “Watch What Happens Live” is definitely worth tuning in to.

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