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Gen-Z fashion is all about innovation. The digital age has catalyzed the bounds of our exploration. It comes as no surprise that we are experiencing a “bling-ring” revival. Body embellishments are no longer exclusive to fingers and ears. Tooth gems -the latest hot girl craze- embody everything about the way we are redefining beauty.

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Based on Pinterest users’ searches during 2021, the new “Pinterest Predicts 2022” report reveals the chokehold Y2K-inspired fashion trends had on consumers this year. The Y2K glam mixed with the creativity of the Gen-Z fashion insurrection has encouraged consumers to get creative with accessorizing the whole body. 

“Gen Z is driving a trend toward accessories that go way beyond the basic earring, cuff or layered necklace,” Pinterest stated. “They’re getting creative and accessorizing the whole body, from tooth gems to crystal eye embellishments.”

90s tooth gems are coming back because Instagram trends are out of control
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Driven by the makeup aesthetic popularized by the HBO show “Euphoria” as well as Y2K-era trends, Pinterest saw an 85 percent uptick for “tooth gem.”

The temporary and non-evasive craze started in the early 2000s. Gems are attached to the enamel of the tooth, giving the smile a rebellious edge. For those getting tooth gems professionally attached, the process takes about 20 minutes and can last up to twenty-four months on the tooth.

Tooth Piercings & Gems: How They Work & How Long They Last
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In an interview with I-D, Lana Sophia, owner & founder of Crystal Canine, said she is applying tooth gems to more customers than ever.

Image posted by @Crystalcanine on Instagram

“But when I tell you I have applied gems on everyone, I mean it. 16-year-old girls before they get braces for the summer holidays, to old dudes who used to be in motorbike gangs getting a Harley Davidson badge. Glamourous nans who won’t leave the house without their pink lipstick, to world-famous drag queens and rappers. I’ve done them.”

Of course, there are DIY shortcuts to the trend with some social media users using nail art and superglue to achieve the look.  These users have faced backlash from professional dentists who post reaction videos warning viewers about the dangers the shortcut poses.

It seems that tooth gems are here to stay. Don’t be surprised if in a couple of years from now the tooth fairy gets a new look…


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