Oxblood Obsessed

The oxblood trend is circulating the fashion and beauty industry and no, it’s not a Halloween thing. Last year, candy apple reds were all the rage and now, it’s all about the blood! This rich, deep red color is an edgy, chic look you can achieve in a few easy ways.

Oxblood lips: Celebrity Taylor Swift is notorious for rocking dark, red lips. To achieve this look, you’ll need two shades of red lipstick. Start with a dark, red base, preferably one with purple and dark blue undertones. Then, apply a bright red on the insides of your lips. Blot your lips with a tissue and finish by applying a clear, lipgloss for some shine!

Oxblood eyes: Create dark and chic makeup looks by mixing dark brown and maroon eye shadow. Begin by applying a dark brown shadow on the inside of your eye and cover the rest of your lid. Apply a purple, maroon shadow into your crease while smudging this color with the brown. Highlight your brow with a pale, gold color to finish off this dramatic look!

Oxblood knits: Chunky knit scarves, sweaters and leg warmers are a warm and toasty way to incorporate oxblood into your look. Whether you purchase a blood, red snood, a waffle-knit sweater or some high socks, you can do no wrong with this color!

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