Spring Color Trends: Brightness With An Edge

ShidikaGoode_Spring colors (1)Spring fashion follows the typical norm: you to trade your dark, edgy winter hues in for a fresh, delicate palette. Bright pastels and bold prints are customary, but instead of looking like a unicorn (nothing against pastels), spring’s signature colors are going radical.

That’s right ladies, don’t ditch your crisp cranberries, sexy black and charcoal grey in exchange for those mint green, cotton-candy pink, electric orange colors just yet! Here’s some advice as you transition your wintery wardrobe into the trends of spring.

First and foremost, you can brighten any look with a vibrant nail color. A posh, lilac nail lacquer can lighten any crimson colored sweater or handbag, giving you a flirty look for spring. Contrast bold colors with some nude statement pieces such as heeled-booties or a pleated skirt.

Colorblock your wardrobe with a little sugar and spice. Use your signature black shirts; shoes and accessories then pair them with a floral pant or skirt. Be tough and sweet, all in one look.

Brighten up a gray sweater or boots with a mustard top or mint bag. Accessorize with some turquoise jewelry because this trend will never die.

So if you think of ditching your winter wardrobe, think again. Save a trip to the mall and get creative – this spring knows no limits.

Photo by Shidika Goode

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