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ShidikaGoode_Spring Accessories - (2)Punxatawney Phil may have predicted an early spring, but it sure hasn’t felt that spring-like in State College. But just because the weather hasn’t caught on yet doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare yourself for the warmer temperatures.

Between skirts and dresses and shorts, it’s easy to figure out what to wear when spring eventually comes along, but what happens if you wake up and (gasp!) are having a bad hair day?  Hair accessories that are perfect for spring will definitely help and make mornings a whole lot easier.


The top trend many stores are seeing among hair accessories for the spring is headbands, but not your typical run-of-the-mill headbands. This simple accessory has seen a makeover this season and comes in many styles.

One style Access employee, senior Amika Osa-Afvana, has seen is the skinny, patent and chain headband. This headband comes in many colors and has a gold chain looping around it. She also said that big headbands are very in this season.

Another style of headband the store has seen a lot of success with is a variation on the style—head wraps. Osa-Afvana says these skinny head wraps look very “hippie and cute.”

She says that headbands are an easy fix for hair.

“You don’t have to bother with a lot of styles. It’s good when you don’t have to grab the curling iron or straightener,” she says. “It’s an easy, flirty look.”

There is also the style of the thicker headband of a softer fabric that looks more like a scarf for your hair. They come in many colors and patterns and are another trend Osa-Afvana has seen crop up. Access has these available in knit styles as well.

Also stores like Forever 21 and PacSun have a wide variety of headbands to choose from.


Another trend this spring will see is hair bows. Whether it’s a pinned bow or a headband with a bow on it, Osa-Afvana says this style is also very popular. They come in big bows or little bows, and depending on the color can become a pretty useful and versatile accessory.

Osa-Afvana’s favorite is the black bow headband because, “you can dress it up or down, too.”

Muted Colors

It can be easy to want to match the spring atmosphere with bright colors, but this season a lot of the biggest accessories are coming in neutral colors like crème.

“I see a lot of girls going more with crèmes, neutrals and corals instead of crazy colors like hot pink or neon blue,” Osa-Afvana says.

The knit headbands that have gotten so big come in many of these colors, which makes it easier to match them with your spring outfits.


If headbands and bows aren’t your thing, another on-going trend doesn’t involve any accessories at all, except maybe a clip or two. Another easy way to fix a bad hair day this season is just a simple braid. Osa-Afvana said she’s seen a lot of girls just braiding their hair instead, whether it’s a simple braid or a French braid or even a fishtail.

No matter what style you go with, spring offers a great time to try something different with your hair. And with these accessories, you can’t really go wrong.

Photo by Shidika Goode

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