Embracing The Ugly Christmas Sweater

It’s that time of the year again, hooray! It seems as though December has been declared the unofficial holiday month, judging from the decorations downtown and the Christmas party invites starting promptly on Dec. 1st. Christmas parties are a blast: apple cider, Christmas music, and those pretty, classic Christmas lights. To fully appreciate these parties, dressing in the spirit is a must. What’s the “proper” Christmas party attire, you ask?

The most popular Christmas themed party is the ugly sweater party. What’s better than wearing a hilariously embarrassing and fun sweater with snowmen on it without being judged? It’s that one time you can look completely comfy and dorky without being the odd one out.

Ugly sweater parties used to be a bit difficult to find an outfit for. Stores didn’t see the point in selling ugly clothes (understandable), and thrift shops are a hit or miss when it comes to such a specific theme. But, lucky for all of us, stores downtown are starting to catch on to the trend and get into the ugly sweater spirit. You don’t have to go digging through that pile of sweaters your grandmother knitted you (with good intentions, of course) this year. Shall we all let out a big sigh of relief?

 Students are already flocking to The Attic on East College Avenue to choose their favorite from an array of awesomely ugly Christmas sweaters. According to the employees, they’re going fast so make sure you don’t procrastinate on picking one up for your party.

Though they’re not offering a wide selection of pieces, Urban Outfitters on College Avenue also holds a few Christmas themed sweaters, as does Metro, also on College Avenue (as seen in the photo above).

If you want to stay true to the genuinely old sweater tradition, but still want a new one to flaunt, try Rag and Bone (now online at www.theragandbone.etsy.com) for some vintage sweaters. Wear someone else’s grandma sweater instead of your own, just to mix things up!

Despite the theme being ugly Christmas sweater, it would be nice to still look cute, right? It’s possible. Grab some red-hot tights, slip on a pencil skirt and tie it all together with your festive sweater. Or, maybe consider acquiring some red heels for a sexy twist on an “ugly” outfit.

Jessi Korch

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