Did Beaver Say BYE and is Now Saying HI?

Close your eyes and think about Penn State, what pops into your head? If you ask many students, their heads might automatically jump towards football.

Many schools across the country were completely shut down due to COVID-19. The pandemic took away many thing and one is the opportunity to attend football games. 

“Penn State University’s football games gave me a greater social experience and a sense of community,” Kelsey Carlucci, an incoming junior, said.

Prior to the changes made at the university, many found games to be a way to relax with friends, participate in school cheer and yell/sing the classic chants many know and love.

“I have always wanted to go to a football school for as long as I could remember so at first when I heard that we would not be able to attend football games or even be able to go to a tailgate, I thought that I would not have an amazing Penn State experience,” Emily Hold, an incoming sophomore said. “When it really came to it I found awesome friends and still managed to have an amazing first year.”

Buckle up and get ready for the fall 2021 semester, because Beaver Stadium is back, and not just for parents of players. Being back at 100% capacity, students, family, friends and more can sport the classic blue and white for the upcoming season! Tickets for students will be on sale on various days. To find out the day you are eligible to purchase student tickets, head over to see your assigned day.



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