4 Female-Hosted Podcasts to Empower and Entertain

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March is Women’s History Month. Every year since the 90s, we take this month to commemorate the contributions of women in the United States. The achievements that women have made are nothing short of amazing and worth celebrating.

Whether you want to educate yourself on politics or laugh along with female comedians, VALLEY is here to recommend 4 podcasts hosted by bad-ass women.

1. Girl and the Gov, The Podcast
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Have you ever felt like the world of politics is difficult to understand? Ever wondered what a political term meant, but you were too afraid to ask? Allow Girl and the Gov, the Podcast to break it down.

This fun and dynamic podcast is co-hosted by Sammy Kanter and Maddie Medved who, according to their website, saw a need for “a platform for millennials to engage with the evolving political sphere in an approachable, digestible, and accessible way.”

The podcast covers topics such as the Electoral College, affordable housing and LGBTQA+ policy, healthcare and activism. In addition, the co-hosts bring on a variety of guests that are actually working in the fired of politics. The goal of these girls is to explain politics in a way that helps you form your own opinions and be an active citizen.

2. Girls Gotta Eat
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Best friends and comedians Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine co-host the podcast Girls Gotta Eat in which they talk relationships, sex and dating. The hilarious hosts divulge details from their own dating lives in addition to answering questions from listeners and bringing on a wide variety of entertaining guests.

This podcast ranges from emotional to educational to raunchy, but without a doubt it will be the most entertaining 90 minutes of your day. Greenberg and Hesseltine have been featured in a variety of publications and received stellar reviews because they never fail to be themselves or make their listeners feel like they are curled up on the couch with their friends. We can’t recommend it enough.

3. Sex with Emily
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“Let’s talk about sex baby…”

Emily Morse is a podcast host and blogger who also has a doctorate in Human Sexuality. With open conversations and medical explanations, Morse is helping more women feel comfortable talking about sex as well as teaching them how to take control over their pleasure in the bedroom.

On her podcast she covers a variety of sex and relationship related topics like the health benefits of masturbation, how to talk dirty in the bedroom and sex tips she wishes she knew in her twenties.

4. Mood with Lauren Elizabeth
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While still slightly new to the podcasting gig, Lauren Elizabeth is a prominent YouTuber and girl boss. If you have seen any of her videos you know she is a huge advocate for self-care and extremely open about living with depression and anxiety.

Lauren’s podcast “Mood” breaks down the stigma around mental health while shedding light on the real struggles that she deals with on a daily basis. That’s right ladies, all your moods are valid and you’re not alone.

Let us know if you listen to any of these empowering podcasts and what you think by tweeting us @VALLEYmag!


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