Lifestyle Food Trends to Try for Spring 2021

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With spring coming to an end, it’s time to hop into some healthy habits and start thinking ahead towards summer! This is reflected in what you wear, do and eat! “Healthy habits” often changes from individual to individual, but here are some alternatives you can use in place of your current products. Not sure exactly where to get started? VALLEY has you covered with some of our favorite replacements!

Energy Drinks

Unlike your typical sugary energy drink, there are options out in the market that are provide a sugar-free alternative and do the same job! Of course, coffee is tasty, refreshing, and has even become trendy again on TikTok with new DIY coffee recipes circulating the app, but energy drinks are stealing the spotlight.

Brands such as Celsius are becoming more and more popular by the day. Celsius is sugar-free and contains a safe amount of caffeine, so it really is a perfect workout companion or booster for your mornings. Celsius also markets themselves as a fat burning metabolic accelerator — while also supplying you with a healthy level of energy!

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Milk Alternatives

Recent years have seen a slow drift away from using whole milk. Instead, we’ve seen almond milk come into the picture for a bit and now it seems like oat milk is becoming the new almond milk! Cafés and coffee shops have also promoted oat milk alternatives or even oat milk-based drinks. Benefits of oat milk include: low in fat and dairy, high in fiber, high vitamin content.

Milk alternatives are an investment! Marketed at a higher value, some brands may sell for a more expensive price — VALLEY recommends looking at all the options in-store and deciding if this alternative is the best suit for you and your health goals/concerns!

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Carb Alternatives

Carb cravings are difficult to subdue, but with strong alternatives coming in, it’s getting easier to substitute carbs for healthier foods. It’s important to note, there is nothing wrong with eating carbs as your body needs it for fuel. However, some individuals prefer to move away and find alternatives too!

Items such as cauliflower, are making a prominent mark in replacing things like pizza crusts and pasta. Not only is it a healthy option, but it’s tasty too. Cauliflower is said to be high in vitamins while strengthening immunity and reducing high blood pressure!

Zucchini is also low in carbs and tastes amazing. It can be added to salads or grilled up to eat with something else. Zucchini is also rich in antioxidants and assists indigestion!

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Avocado Oil

Instead of olive oil, avocado oil has been promoted recently as a healthy and tasty alternative to other fatty cooking oils. It’s made from the natural oil of the avocado’s pressed pulp and it’s rich in healthy fats.

These alternatives are accessible, so if you’re at the market and spot some of these alternatives — go ahead and try them!


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