Phone Fitness: The Best Exercise Apps

Working out regularly can be very difficult on a college student’s schedule. It’s one thing to work out, but trying to figure out what workouts to do and when to do them can sometimes be the toughest part. That’s why Valley has come up with the best workout apps to make working out and staying healthy just a little bit easier!


MyFitnessPal is an app that allows you to track your food and exercise. You can set your goal, which can be to lose weight, to gain weight or to remain the same weight, and MyFitnessPal will design a plan for you. It may say that your goal is to lose one pound per week and it will give you a recommended caloric intake goal per day along with other daily goals regarding things like: fat, sugar, sodium and protein. You can scan the barcodes of the food you are eating and it will track them each day so you really know what you are putting into your body!


To go along with MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun helps you track your runs. All you have to do is click the start button when you start your run and then end it when you are finished. You can link it to MyFitnessPal so that it will add available calories to your day, so you won’t feel as bad for indulging on that Creamery ice cream!  


As many people know, Fitbit isn’t just an app. A Fitbit is a bracelet that can track the amount of steps you take, your sleep, your heart rate and a few other stats. If you have a Fitbit, getting the app can allow you to take a closer look at what you have done for the day regarding exercise and sleep! You can set a daily step goal and compete with Fitbit friends in stepping challenges. Using your Fitbit is a great way to make sure you are getting exercise, especially on those days when you can’t make it to the gym. You can also link your Fitbit with MyFitnessPal to add the calories you burned during the day if you took a substantial amount of steps!


Fitstar is an app made by the Fitbit company. This app recommends workouts based on your goals, which can be to ‘Get Lean,’ ‘Get Moving,’ ‘Get Strong’ or ‘Daily Dose.’ ‘Daily Dose’ is great for college students and people with busy schedules because it is a mix of different workouts just to get you to exercise each day. Each workout has different exercises and an option after completing each exercise to say if it was too difficult, too easy or just right. Based on this, Fitstar will design workouts that better fit your fitness level and goals.

If you are trying to figure out how to balance school, a social life, fitness and healthy eating, downloading a fitness app can help you eliminate some of the stress of getting a workout in each day. Sophomore and biobehavioral health major, Mackenzie Sheetz said, “I think fitness apps make you more accountable and give you the motivation to workout each day.”  So download an app and get to working out!

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