Spotify Playlists for Every Moment of Your Day


Music can instantly transform your mood, and sometimes all you need is a good song to get your day going! Whether you like hitting the play button as soon as you wake up, or you prefer waiting until your homework session to listen to some tunes, Spotify has the best playlists for every moment of your day.

Target Has Done It Again … Meet JoyLab


Over the last decade, Target has grown its empire with new brand collaborations and the addition of new, in-demand products. In the midst of the athleisure craze, the retail giant teamed up with Clique Brands to create JoyLab, a line of trendy and affordable athletic wear.

Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine


As a busy college student always on the go, caffeine is often an everyday essential. It gives you an immediate energy boost, producing the drive needed to complete a seemingly never-ending list of assignments. But what exactly does it do to the body over time?