Who is Cody Rigsby?

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It can be hard to think about the good things that came from the pandemic. Not for Peloton personality Cody Rigsby though — COVID-19 essentially kickstarted his career.

In 2020, during the peak of the pandemic, Peloton sales spiked as a result of gym closings and social distancing protocols. The company grew to over 3 million subscribers in 2020 and has continued to grow by the millions ever since.

Once Peloton rose in popularity, it was only a matter of time before Rigsby became a fan favorite among Peloton users. His upbeat playlists and motivating dialogue make him a standout instructor.

Rigsby is not just a cycling instructor anymore, but also the current director of Cycling Content at Peloton. Of his new position, he told People Magazine, “I’m kind of a liaison between our producers, our instructors, and really advocating for what our instructors need.”

Photo posted by @Codyrigsby on Instagram

So, what makes Rigsby such a natural entertainer? It could be the fact that he began his career as a professional dancer 11 years ago when he moved to New York City after living in the South all his life, and has never turned back.

Rigsby spent the beginning of his career dancing professionally with major names in the music industry, including Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry. He also worked on projects performing for “Saturday Night Live,” Victoria’s Secret and ELLE Magazine. Rigsby also told People Magazine about how his dancing background has helped him in his current profession at Peloton.

“If you take my class, I’m a stickler for musicality — I want the push to go on the beat drop, and I want it to feel like the music.”

Photo posted by @Codyrigsby on Instagram

Now that Rigsby has become such a fitness superstar, he is a contestant on ABC’s 30th season of “Dancing with the Stars.”

“Hopefully, it’ll last two and a half months, 10 weeks, and we’ll make it to the finale,” he told Parade.

Both on and off the bike, Rigsby can serve as an inspiration to all kinds of people. His rags to riches story — as well as the way he fully embraces his sexuality — shows that it is possible to truly live a life doing what you love every day.

Photo posted by @Codyrigsby on Instagram

After working at Peloton for over seven years, it seems Rigsby might be sticking around for a while. However, after seeing everything he has been able to accomplish in his life thus far, there’s no telling what he’ll do next.


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