Is the Peloton Bike Worth the Ride?

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With popular spin studios like SoulCycle and CycleBar closed until further notice, avid spin-goers are finding creative ways to get their cycling fix in — but at what cost?

The Peloton, one of the most raved about indoor cycling bikes, has been around since 2012, but with gyms closed worldwide due to COVID-19, the thought of investing in one may be crossing your mind more often than usual.

The Bike

Sure, at first a Peloton might just seem like your average indoor bike that can be purchased anywhere; however, the trendy and modern features are what makes this bike appealing to a wide variety of individuals.

There are various packages available (some including weights and headphones) but there is also an option to buy just the bike itself. There is no limit to the amount of riders who can utilize the bike, as long as everyone has compatible indoor cycling shoes. Even if you don’t already own a pair, don’t worry – there’s even a package that includes compatible shoes.

The Classes

Maybe you’re a SoulCycle regular and now you’re missing your home away from home more than ever. Or, maybe you’ve always wanted to try spin, but crowded workout classes intimidate you, and you’re looking for something geared towards a beginner.

With daily live classes and thousands of on-demand, pre-recorded classes, Peloton offers a wide variety of spin classes. There are some that focus on a specific genre of music, and there are even low-impact options if you’re recovering from an injury or just want to take it slow.

Whatever kind of class suits you, there’s bound to be an option available through Peloton. If you prefer to listen to your own music and spin on your own, you can also turn off the screen and pedal at your own pace.

Temporary Solution Or Long-Term Investment?

When considering a Peloton, it’s important to consider if the at-home spin bike is something you’ve just recently decided you need, or if you’ve been thinking about it for a while. If it’s been on your mind for months, it’s probably not just due to coronavirus social distancing orders, but rather something you’re actually interested in buying.

At some point, this quarantine will end and cycling studios will operate again. You’ll be able to go to spin every day, if you’d like, or finally step foot in a studio for the first time ever. Workouts are strictly at home right now but at some point in the future, that won’t be the case.

A Peloton bike is on the upper end in terms of workout equipment prices, so if you don’t think you’ll touch it after the pandemic ends, it might be something to reconsider, especially if you plan to finance it over several months.

The Verdict

The Peloton bike offers a lot of exciting features, and is a great investment piece in terms of an at-home workout device. Especially with social distancing occurring, it can be comforting to see an instructor on the screen and feel like you’re in a real-time workout class; however, it’s important to consider whether your interest in the bike is just because of quarantine, or is actually something you’d use once it ends.

The Peloton retails for over $2,000 if you pay all at once, but there is also the option to finance it over a period of a few years, equating to less than $100 per month. Some upscale gyms and workout clubs can cost more than that per month, so even if you’re not going to use the bike daily, it still might be a good investment for you, especially if you typically pay per class at a spin studio.

While Pelotons are pricey, if the investment is something you’re excited about that will help you stay healthy and motivated, it may seem priceless in the end.


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