Staying Motivated on the Treadmill

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Let’s be honest, the treadmill isn’t always every gym goer’s favorite machine. As we run and walk but stay stuck in one place, the motivation to keep moving can get lost very fast. VALLEY is here to help with some options to get rid of your treadmill terrors and develop a newfound love for the dreaded machine.  

Runway Walk it Out

If you’ve always dreamed of strutting down a catwalk, the treadmill is the perfect way to practice. There are thousands of playlists on Spotify specifically created for those times when you want to pretend you’re walking down a runway. Throw on some of those songs and walk it out. You’d be surprised how much motivation a good catwalk song can bring and how many calories you’ll burn in the process.

Switch Up Your Workout

While consistently running and walking are great cardio workouts, they can get boring quickly. To stay interested in your workout, try mixing up different treadmill settings every few minutes or so. For instance, every five minutes on the treadmill, you can bump up the incline and speed walk before going back to your normal exercise. YouTube has plenty of video options to choose from that walk you through intense treadmill workouts that include a mix of running, walking, jogging and incline movements. Try a new one every time to keep yourself motivated.

Video from @growwithjo on YouTube
Commercial Challenge

Watching a TV series seems like an obvious option when trying to stay interested on the treadmill. You can utilize the commercials during the show to pump up your workout. For example, every time a commercial break starts, you sprint as fast as you can until your show comes back on. You can even use this method with the right show that has no commercials. While watching The Bachelor, you can push yourself your hardest every time there is a rose ceremony. It’s all about choosing the right show for you that will motivate you to get on the treadmill.

Zombies, Run!

If you’ve tried listening to music on the treadmill and you still get bored, you might want to change what you’re listening to. The app “Zombies, Run!” is free in the Appstore and is sure to get your heart rate up. It is an “ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure,” as described by the creators. With your headphones in, you’ll be taken on a mission to escape the zombies that are after you. If you’re a thrill-seeker, this might be the perfect treadmill option for you.

Video from @Zombies, Run! on YouTube

No matter what you choose to do to stay motivated, you should be proud of yourself for putting in the effort to get on the treadmill and complete a killer workout.


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