Lauren Giraldo’s 12, 3, 30 Treadmill Routine

Image via Lauren Giraldo on YouTube

You may remember her from her days on Vine, where she was better known as Princess Lauren. Or, maybe you’ve seen her Instagram, where she’s more often than not on some exotic brand-sponsored trip with her friends or boyfriend.

Whatever the case, there’s no denying it: with nearly 1 million subscribers on YouTube, Lauren Giraldo is a lifestyle and fitness guru you need to be watching.

The twenty-two year old YouTube sensation has been making videos for years, but has gained a lot of attention after posting a video where she opened up about the more emotional aspects of her weight loss journey.

“I was living a pretty unhealthy lifestyle and…it showed,” Giraldo says in her video.

She decided to make a change two years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Adapting to this new lifestyle has, in her words, “really helped with my confidence, with my energy, with everything.”

Her secret? Giraldo calls it the 12, 3, 30 Treadmill Routine. You walk on a treadmill at 3 mph and at a 12% incline for 30 minutes. Think it sounds easy? Think again. VALLEY did some research and spoke with sources who have tried it for themselves — and from what they’ve said, it’s harder than it looks.

YouTuber Yessi Waters made an entire video documenting her experience after trying this workout.

In her video “I did the Lauren Giraldo Workout for 1 Week,” Waters discusses how she was able to burn 250-275 calories in one session. She even said how she felt out of breath and challenged throughout the workout, despite it seeming “easy.”

She also touched on how this workout can be a great starter for those beginning their fitness journey.

“The simplicity of it got me through the (gym) doors,” Waters says in her video. “I highly recommend this treadmill routine. It’s so sustainable.”

Giraldo’s workout has also gained popularity among Instagram users. Many will will post videos of them participating in the workout on their story and tag Giraldo. More often than not, Giraldo will repost them, sending encouragement their way.

VALLEY reached out to Autumn Nikol (@autumnnikol), whose story featuring the 3-12-30 workout was recently reposted by Giraldo, for her thoughts on the simple yet effective routine.

“I love it,” she says. “It has become part of my workout routine. I have also introduced it to a few of my clients that I am now training.” 

Another fan of Giraldo’s, @rachaelgooch told VALLEY, “I just started — but I love how it gets my blood pumping and heart rate up!”

That seems to be the magic of this workout: it isn’t intimidating for beginners and it makes people feel strong. It can be a great stepping stone for gym newbies to begin working out — without the pressures of weights or machines.

Experienced marathon runners and cross-country veterans: this might not be your thing. Beginners or walking enthusiasts? This could be your new favorite workout. Tweet us @VALLEYmag if you try it out.



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