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The word “exercise” is pretty daunting for a lot of people. When we talk about exercise, our minds immediately think about exerting an immense amount of energy until we’re dripping sweat and our muscles feel sore. Running, biking, stair master and lifting are all intense exercises that aren’t meant for everyone. Walking is quickly becoming the new workout craze, and VALLEY is here to make the hot girl walk for everyone this Fall.

You may be hesitant to incorporate walking into your workout routine because it won’t give you the results you want. However, walking as a form of exercise has so many benefits we don’t recognize.

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Penn State recognizes the importance of walking as a form of exercise, and actually offers a class dedicated to walking. The class, Walking for Fitness, introduces students to fitness walking and how it can be used as a lifelong activity to maintain and enhance physical health. One of the professors of this class, Stacey Nowicki, gave some insight as to how walking can change your life.

“Walking puts less impact on our joints while providing the same benefits as other forms of activity that may require equipment, coordination, or a higher level of fitness,” Nowicki said.

It’s no secret that walking can benefit our physical health in so many ways. Professor Nowicki expressed her love for teaching this class and passion for fitness, saying “my favorite part of teaching this class is when the students find their overall wellbeing improving from simply walking on a regular basis and they connect the dots when it comes to how much our diet, sleep, and exercise affect our overall health.”

Even just deciding to walk to classes instead of driving or taking the bus can make a major difference in your overall fitness. Professor Nowicki stated sitting for too long can undo all the exercise you may have put in during the week.

Alex Glasier spent an entire semester going on walks and hikes all over State College. “I valued taking a walk more and how it can be good for clearing one’s head or helping you deal with whatever you’re going through that day,” Glasier said.

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If you’ve thought about developing a new fitness routine, but don’t want to deal with the achy, sore muscles that come along with the intensity, try going for a walk as your next workout. Walking is just as beneficial as other forms of exercise, and is great for mental health as well.

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