How Motivational Videos Can Really Push You

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When you find yourself feeling down, understand that you don’t have to feel that way forever. If you’re struggling to motivate yourself, there are many ways to gain some inspiration you might not have tried in the past —like motivational videos on YouTube!

If you go to YouTube and search “motivational videos,” the page will be flooded with different videos, ranging in length and reasons to inspire you.

Taking the time to sit down and listen to the entire video is the key to success. However, maybe the first time you listen, the video just sounds like a bunch of words and nothing really “sticks.” Try watching again. Really be mindful in the way you listen, taking in everything the video has to say. Sometimes all it takes is two times listening through for you to understand and connect with the true meaning of the video.

Videos To Watch

If you need something quick to motivate you, try listening to two of Ben Scott’s videos, such as “Lions Mentality” or “No Excuses.” Both are around three minutes long, these videos are short but inspiring.

Another powerful video is called “Why Do We Fall” by Mateusz M. Only six minutes long, this video will encourage you to never give up on your dreams, no matter how big or small.

If you a little more time on your hands, take 15 minutes and listen to the words of “Wake Up and Work Hard at it.” With almost 2 million views, it’s sure to leave an impact on you after watching.

While these are just some of the videos online to watch, find what video speaks most to YOU.

As these videos tell you, staying on track can be hard. But they also encourage you to never give up because your goals CAN come true. Motivational videos like these are especially inspiring because they combine a mixture of speakers, video clips and music to hopefully leave you with a new mindset after watching.

It’s never too late to start bettering yourself. The next time you feel like your struggling with something, try watching one of these motivational videos for a change! You never know which video will be the one to finally push you to make that goal happen.


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