Gym Motivation: Get Off Your Butt!

ShidikaGoode.GymMotavationWe all know the importance of physical exercise. But just like getting up in the morning for that 9 a.m., it can be difficult to get yourself up and going and actually get to the gym—especially with the arctic temperatures we’ve been hit with lately. It’s easy to see just the walk to the gym as enough of a workout.

Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. However, with the right motivation (and maybe new sneakers), getting yourself to the White Building or Rec Hall won’t be as difficult as you may think.

1.     Find your inspiration

It’s an old trick, but tacking up a picture of someone you admire on your refrigerator may be inspiration enough to get your butt to the gym. Whether it’s Beyoncé or soccer star Hope Solo, having a picture of someone whose workout ethic you admire can make it easier to say “No” to that bag of chips and “Yes” to that Zumba class.

2.     Reward yourself

Going to the gym with the promise of coming home to a yummy piece of dark chocolate for your hard work is so much more appealing, right? Coming up with ways to keep your interest in going to work out will make it easier to actually go work out. Or on a Saturday, if you’ve gone to the gym three times during the week, allow yourself to have a treat― in moderation, of course. Sometimes Ben and Jerry are hard to resist!

3.     Pick pump-up jams

The best way to get yourself excited for your workout is picking music that keeps you going. If you want to run on the treadmill to One Direction, go for it! Pick something to listen to that will keep you moving. Make your own playlists of songs you know will make you want to work out and get moving. Find Pandora stations that take you somewhere else, like Summer Hits of the 90s. Imagine it’s the middle of summer and you can work out and relax the rest of the day. You’ll forget you’re on a treadmill in no time.

4.     Let off steam

With the new semester in full swing, quizzes, tests and homework assignments will start pouring in like a flood. Instead of taking out your frustration and stress by binge eating foods you’ll regret later, get to the gym and work it out! You’ll feel that much better afterwards and forget your worries for just a little bit of time.

Photo by Shidka Goode

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