Embracing the Bold: How to Achieve the Perfect Red Lip

SiruWen.RedLip1Originally popularized by actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, the red lip has earned its title as a classic makeup look. Don’t let the fear of bold color scare you away from trying one of this winter’s hottest trends. With the help of Lori Murphy, an Esthetician at Designer’s Denn Salon & Spa, Valley has put together your go-to guide for how to wear the perfect red lip.

Step 1: Pick the right shade of lipstick for your skin tone

To ensure a red lip that isn’t too harsh for your face, Murphy suggests choosing a lipstick with blue undertones. These shades, which are plumy-red, will deliver a bold pop of color without making your teeth look yellow. A good shade for anyone new to the red lip trend is NARS Red Lizard ($24). This is a full powered red lipstick that’s flattering on almost everyone!

Step 2: Pick the right shade of lip liner to match your lipstick

Selecting the right shade of lip liner is the most important step in the application process. The liner acts like lipstick insurance, promising to keep your color crisp and clean throughout the night. “You don’t necessarily need a red lip liner under red lipstick,” Murphy said. “You can also try a plum color liner to get the look you want.” Depending on which shade of liner you select, the tone of the red will vary on your lips, either enhancing the color or making it more subtle.

Step 3: Apply lip liner

Gently apply liner to the outside of your lips to give them a fuller appearance. Line top and bottom carefully. For more staying power, Murphy suggests filling in the entire lip with liner but warns that this may change the tone of the look once you apply the lipstick in Step 4.

Step 4: Apply lipstick

To ensure an even application, work slowly, starting at the center of the top lip and working your way out. Fill in your entire lips with the desired shade.

Step 5: Finishing touches

“If you want to kick it up a notch, add a gloss on top of the liner and lipstick,” Murphy said. This will add some shine to your look! “If you’ve applied a red liner and a red lipstick, go with a clear gloss to neutralize the look. If you skipped the liner and just applied red lipstick, a red gloss will give you a better look.”

Photo by Siru Wen


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