Makeup Artist and YouTube Sensation Nikkietutorials Launches Own Brand

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Ever since NikkieTutorials appeared on YouTube circa 2008 in a video titled, “Makeup Tutorial; My first official Look for YT,” it was clear that one day she would launch her own beauty brand. That shining moment has finally come and VALLEY could not be more excited to see what she has in store for the cosmetics world, with Nimya by NikkieTutorials.

Known as Nikkie de Jager and originally from the Netherlands, de Jager creates entertaining, yet genuine content on YouTube for over 13.8 million subscribers, ranging from viral makeup challenges, product reviews and celebrity “get ready with me” videos. de Jager is known for creating vibrant eye looks, flawless skin and oh-so perfect brows.

Over three years ago, de Jager and her manager sat down and discussed goals for the future and creating her own brand was one of them. Before then, de Jager was hesitant and wanted to wait for the right time to do everything on her own.

“We didn’t even start off as like, ‘Oh my god we’re building a NikkieTutorials brand,'” says de Jager in her recent video. “No, it started off as, ‘What am I missing, what can I improve that’s already existing and make it better?”’

Nimya’s official website sets a refreshing and well-needed message for their future customers.

“We live in a world full of labels, but with Nimya you get to create your own. We help to strengthen the one label that matters the most: YOU.”

In de Jager’s launch video, she releases the first five products of the Nimya family that are launching Sept. 23.

VALLEY is here to break each one of them down and let you know what to expect.

The Brr Brr Cooling Eye Stick

As described by de Jager herself, this product is an ” instant, depuffing cooling eye stick.” The Brr Brr Cooling Eye stick is cruelty and fragrance free and is intended to be swept from the outer to inner corners of your eyes. Nimya recommends this product to be stored in the fridge for an enhanced cooling effect.

Some active and noticeable ingredients include caffeine to reduce puffiness, green tea extract to calm irritation and prevent discoloration and squalene as an anti-inflammatory measure. Xylitol helps to replenish and cool, while silk amino acids reduces fine lines.

The Brr Brr Cooling Eye stick retails for $22.00 and can be bought here.

Where It All Starts Cream

Apply this cream with a clean face before putting on foundation for comfortable, sticky feel that will leave an everyday glow and create a soft base to help your makeup last all day long. de Jager points out the luxe packaging in her video and says, “It screams me.”

Glycerin, honey and lactic acid make up the active ingredients, helping to moisturize, lift and soothe your skin. Nimya’s official website recommends to wear this cream alone for a “gorgeous, radiant and natural base.”

The Where it All Starts Cream retails for $30.00 and can be bought here.

License To Glow Serum

It wouldn’t be a NikkieTutorials brand without a glowy and radiant product. Nimya’s official website says that a “glow-packed serum is all you need when you want a fresh, radiant and lit-from-within complexion.”

Pineapple and grapefruit extract make up the serum to provide mild exfoliants to nourish and treat dry skin. A trick suggestested by Nimya is to mix in some drops of the serum into your foundation if it is looking dull or flat to “bring it back to life!”

The License to Glow Serum retails for $37.00 and can be bought here.

Set It and Forget It Setting Spray

Described as your “ultimate soulmate” by the official Nimya website, this setting spray locks in makeup for an everlasting, flawless look.

Nimya states that the PVP found in the spray “creates a long-wearing layer over the makeup to optimize wear.” Another noticeable ingredient includes the fragrance of the Nimya scent, providing you to smell great at the same time.

The Set It and Forget It Setting Spray retails for $25.00 and can be bought here.

Blow Before You Go Fan

Last, but certainly not least, is the Blow Before You Go Fan — a convenient, small accessory to have on at all times.

The official Nimya website says, “This fan packs a punch with some real power, and basically is the Robin to Batman when it comes to our Set It & Forget It Setting Spray!”

The Blow Before You Go Fan retails for $15.00 and can be bought here.

Hello Nimya Bundle – limited offer
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If every product catches your eye, why not buy a bundle? This limited offer included each of the products previously listed, along with a free Blow Before You Go Fan.

It is important to note, Nimya’s official website says, “We have set a limit to the amount of bundles that we are able to sell. The bundle won’t automatically apply to your cart. Only if the bundle is in stock on our product page, and the option “add to cart” is available, you’ll be able to catch this limited offer. Once the bundle is sold out you can only buy the items separately for full price.”

The Hello Nimya Bundle retails for $114.00 and can be bought here.

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