Easy Day Trips From State College

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It can be easy to feel isolated in the middle of Pennsylvania. Even though State College is a fun place to be most of the time, it’s nice to have a quick getaway every once in a while. If you’re looking for an escape before you head home for the summer or if you’re planning on staying in town for the next couple of months here are some places you can go!

King of Prussia Mall
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For many of the people who are from “right outside of Philly,” this may not be the most exciting day trip, but for others, it’s one of the most exciting day trips you can go on from State College.

It takes less than three hours to get there, but it’s most definitely worth the drive. As one of the biggest malls in the United States, King of Prussia has almost every store you could ask for. From upscale stores like Gucci and Louis Vuitton to cheaper options such as Forever 21, this place has got you covered!

Ricketts Glen State Park
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Ricketts Glen State Park is located about an hour and 45 minutes away from State College in northeast Pennsylvania. It is one of the most scenic parks you can find in this state, with beautiful hiking trails and a beach on Lake Jean.

The trails are most well known for their incredible waterfalls, which are truly an unmatched. If you’re planning on visiting this destination, make sure to bring durable hiking shoes and water to stay hydrated!

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Hersheypark is a fun destination for anyone who is a lover of amusement parks or sweet treats. It has intense rides such as Storm Runner and Fahrenheit for people looking for a thrill, but it also has attractions like the Hershey’s Chocolate Tour, for those who are not into scary rollercoasters.

Hersheypark is a great place to bring a group of friends, and it’s only an hour and 40 minutes away! If you decide to check it out, be prepared to eats LOTS of chocolate.

Thousand Steps Standing Stone Trail
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Thousand Steps is a hiking trail for those who love a challenge. Just like the name, this hike really is a steep incline of steps for the majority of the trail. Even though it is a difficult hike, it pays off with an amazing view and the workout you’re going to get while doing it! This trail is 1.5 miles long, but people consider it to be the equivalent of a difficult stair master workout.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
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Phipps Conservatory is located two hours and 30 minutes away near downtown Pittsburgh. This day trip is perfect for plant lovers, or anyone who wants to spice up their Instagram feed.

Each month there are different shows being exhibited and the conservatory also houses a shop and cafe. We can assure you that this beautiful location is an amazing getaway if you’re feeling stressed or down during the semester!

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