The Power Of Saying Yes

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Yes. It might be a simple word, but it holds tremendous power. How can such a little word make such a difference? The power of yes is getting ourselves out of our comfort zones, experiencing new things and breaking free of expectations. As mentioned in the article “The Power of Saying Yes,” by Sergio Caredda, he states, “saying yes is a way of moving forward.”

Saying yes is not all about positive thinking, but rather adding to your own personal experiences. In most cases saying no makes us feel like we have authority and control, when in reality, it is truly prohibiting ourselves to the “what if.”

In the article previously mentioned, Caredda makes claims he has formulated since reading a book by Frank J. Barrett titled “Yes to the Mess.” He touches on the aspect of cynicism and how saying yes combats this behavior. He also claims saying yes is a way to overcome the glamour of no.

Barrett mentions that too often in many organizations, cynicism is established as a way to attain status. For many people, cynical responses to ideas seem justified because they are more ‘realistic.'” When you really dive into this, everything he is saying is true. We say no when we are scared of what saying yes might entail. Most of us are programmed to stay in our comfort zone and shy away from the unknown. Why is that?

If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes. Then learn how to do it later.

Richard Branson

The Huffington Post posted an article titled “9 Little Known Truths About the Power of Yes!” In this, the author say “its about having the courage and conviction to do the things we know we really want to do. So much so sometimes, they scare us.” If you have been wanting to say yes to something for a long time, it is time to trust yourself and go after it.

Shonda Rhimes gave a TED Talk based upon her personal experiences of saying yes. Rhimes is the creator of four hit TV shows, one of them being Grey’s Anatomy.

She tells the audience that she is a workaholic at heart and labels herself a “titan.” She has three children, but she found herself working to no end. One day as she was running out the door her daughter asked, “momma, wanna play?” Her life changed since this moment. Instead of saying no because she had to get to work, she slowed down and said yes. From that moment on, she decided to say yes for the next year. What she found is that her usual joy of working transformed into a new joy. Her joy came from other things she knew would bring her peace.

Say yes, and then figure it out later

Tina Fey

Next time you find yourself saying no make the conscious choice to say yes and see how your life changes.

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