Campus Culture

Penn State’s Favorite Gen Eds


No matter your major, every Penn State student is required to take a certain amount of general education classes. While some are painful, some are the best classes you will take during your four years here. Consider some of these the next time you are scheduling classes.

The Story Behind State Patty’s Day


The cleverly named “State Patty’s Day” has brought hundreds of visitors to State College for over ten years. Every February, students and visitors alike get decked out in green to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day a month early. However, many are unaware of how this unique Penn State holiday began or why the weekend has become so controversial.

THON 2019 Kids Fashion Show


The THON 2019 Kids Fashion Show kicked off at 10 a.m. on Sunday leading dancers into the Final Four of THON 2019. Four Diamonds children walked down the “magic carpet” on stage to show us their representation of “Exploring The World” the theme of this year’s THON Kids Fashion Show.