Here’s Why It’s Time to Start Keeping a Calendar

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Are you having difficulty keeping track of your commitments? Do you find stress in wondering how you will manage all these things? You are certainly not alone, and there are many small changes to your routine that you can make to help you manage these struggles. Introducing your new friend, the paperback calendar! By adopting even such a simple device, you will be well on your way to creating a less stressful environment for yourself.

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Visualizing Your Workload:

Sometimes our schedules are so packed that there are some things that we can’t even remember! In order to limit these potentially dangerous instances, being able to visualize everything you have to do during the day is paramount. By writing in a calendar and jotting down all your daily commitments, you will never end up missing an assignment or meeting ever again.

Not to mention, cataloging your entire week can be quite satisfying and can act as an outlet to engage your creative side. Some have found ways to make creating weekly calendar additions into an artistic experience by color-coding their writing based on categories. There is nothing more satisfying than going into a week organized and prepared!

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Less Worrying and More Doing:

Being a busy person with many places to be and things to accomplish can certainly affect one’s mental health. Embarking on a new week with little idea of how you plan to tackle all these things is quite stressful! Keeping a calendar and finding a way to visualize these obligations as previously mentioned is a major source of stress relief.

By taking a moment to plan out your schedule, you will be able to approach that schedule with peace of mind and the feeling that you are ready to conquer anything that life throws your way! 

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Schedule New Obligations with Ease:

Oftentimes while navigating a week’s commitments, you will need to find a way to accommodate newly appearing responsibilities. If your friend asks you if you are available for coffee and lunch on Wednesday, it can be very difficult to gauge your availability if you do not already have your schedule for that day organized.

By having this day’s itinerary sorted out, you will immediately know when you will be free to enjoy a latte with your friend! This lifestyle change can make it much easier to do what it is you love once your professional and academic obligations are settled. 

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