The Top 5 Podcasts To Put A Spring In Your Step

Let’s face it — podcasts are the best answer for literally everything. Having a bad day and you need to decompress? Listen to a podcast. Your significant other just broke your heart and you need to get them off your mind? Listen to a podcast. You’re bored and want some food for thought? Listen to a podcast! You definitely won’t regret it.

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Over time, podcasts have become an evolving digital trend with popular podcasts like Call Her Daddy and Chicks In The Office. These podcasts reach millions of listeners across the world, captivating audiences with hilarious, yet relatable, daily struggles that many college students — and people in general — experience. 

In a time of confusion and uncertainty, most of the nation probably needs a good pick me up. During these isolating times, it is easy to feel alone. However, you are never alone, no matter where you are. Check out these five podcasts below for a special spring in your step!

1. Want to change your life? Try “The Upgrade” by Lifehacker 
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Looking for simple, yet effective ways to change your life for the better? This weekly podcast is for you! Featuring countless psychologists and behavior scientists, these experienced professionals provide easy and everyday efforts that will have a big impact on your life. 

2. Do you strongly believe in the power of kindness? Try “The Kindness Project” by father-daughter duo Chris and Charlotte
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Let’s face it — the power of kindness goes a long way. If you’re looking for a podcast that will inspire you to radiate kindness in all forms, then this is the one for you! This podcast will make you experience a rollercoaster of emotions, making you laugh, smile and cry all in one episode. Showing the importance of completing a random act of kindness everyday, this podcast will touch your heart. 

3. Want to improve your social skills without actually leaving the house? Try “The Art of Charm” by A.J. Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak
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Fluid social skills are crucial in any environment, whether it be work or school. Communicating with others is an important part of our everyday lives, however most people struggle with the act of properly communicating with others. The struggle is real! However, “The Art of Charm” is the perfect podcast to improve your social skills, with helpful techniques that can be used in any social setting. Get your chat on!

4. Do you want to inspire the world? Try “The Good Life Project” by Jonathan Fields

Interested in hearing inspirational stories from people all over the world? In Jonathan Fields’s “The Good Life Project,” people from all over the globe share very personal stories about overcoming obstacles in their lives. Consider this podcast a binge listen — you won’t be able to turn it off! These stories will inspire you to not just overcome, but tackle those obstacles that exist in your life today.

5. Seeking more confidence? Try “Girlboss Radio” by Sophia Amoruso
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In a male-dominated world, it can be hard to be confident in your skills as a woman. However, “Girlboss Radio” rejects societal norms and empowers women all over the globe! If you’re feeling less empowered at home or at your workplace, this podcast is sure to put you on track. “Girlboss Radio” is dedicated to the empowerment of women all over the world, featuring celebrities sharing stories of embracing themselves in the entertainment industry.

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