Why Fitness Classes Are Better Than Working Out

“The gym is full again! What am I supposed to do?!” VALLEY knows you’ve walked into White Building, Rec Hall or IM Building numerous times and have uttered that to yourself, and there is a solution for you: fitness classes.

With a campus as large as Penn State’s, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when every gym is packed between the hours of 3 and 7 p.m., the prime time for students to work out. As this is the case nearly every day, White Building and IM Building offer several fitness classes each day that anyone is welcome to participate in.

Why take a fitness class?

Fitness classes allow students to get a full body workout in 45 minutes to an hour, compared to waiting 20 minutes for a machine only to use it for 20 minutes. Clearly, waiting for a long time to work out one part of the body, then taking a break to work out another part of the body is not effective in the long run. While it’s good to take breaks between strenuous workouts, it’s ineffective to stand around for an extended amount of time after putting your body through a circuit of cardio, weightlifting or any other short conditioning.

What types of fitness classes are offered?

If you’re the type of person that wants to venture out and try new forms of exercise, then take a trip to White or IM any day of the week. Most of the classes are available at the same time each day, but some days have different offerings. You can pick up a fitness class schedule at the information desks in the fitness buildings or view it online. Some of the most popular fitness classes are Power Remix, Zumba, Yoga, Cycle Remix and Kickboxing. These classes are offered throughout the week and are open to all students.

What are the benefits of these fitness classes?

Classes like Power Remix, Zumba, Cycle Remix and Kickboxing are more cardio-driven, as they keep you moving the entire time. These classes are a mix of high-intensity movements, so there is never a boring moment. It’s also easy to break a sweat in these classes and get in a good workout. Classes like Yoga offer a good cooldown after working out your body for an extended period of time. The class also allows you to save your muscles from being tense or your body from being sore after working out.

If you’re looking to make a rough school day more exciting, VALLEY suggests checking out a fitness class for a good time and a good workout.