How to Battle the Bulge this Thanksgiving Break

Photo by Alexis Destosiers

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all the delicious food this holiday has to offer. However, there’s no need to have to unbutton your pants after the first helping. Practicing self-control and eating all the food you want at the same time seems nearly impossible— but don’t you worry! Valley is here to help you give thanks, both to your buttons and your appetite. Following these simple tips and you’ll be sure to enjoy all the food you wish without feeling sick.

Tip 1: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Before each course, make sure to get in a few cups of water. Your body might be dehydrated, so filling up with water will allow your stomach to differentiate between hunger and thirst. It will also help cleanse your palette for the next yummy dish.

Tip 2: Don’t see foods as “good” or “bad”

Thinking with a white or black mentality can really set yourself up for failure. Food is not “good” or “bad”; some food is just more nutrient-dense than others. So pile more nutrient-dense food on your plate, then add the less nutritious food in smaller amounts. This way, you aren’t restricting what you can and can’t eat (because let’s face it— if you tell yourself you won’t eat any “bad” food, you’ll only want that food even more!).

Tip 3: Pace Yourself

There’s no need to scarf down your food in record time— it isn’t going anywhere! Make sure to chew your food completely so you can actually enjoy the taste of grandma’s homemade stuffing and dad’s delicious mashed potatoes. Try talking to the person sitting next to you in between bites to slow you down. This can help regulate the digestion of your food instead of overwhelming your stomach.

Tip 4: Watch your alcohol

Being around friends and family can make you feel comfortable. But sometimes, this can cause you to get a little too comfortable. Before you know it, you’re one two many glasses of wine in and over-consumption of alcohol can lead to mindless eating.

Tip 5: Make an effort to mingle

If you find yourself talking to guests, your main focus won’t be on the food, it will be on the company. Mingling can also help you catch up with people you haven’t heard from in a while.

Tip 6: Be grateful

There’s no reason to truly stress out over Thanksgiving Dinner. One night of over-indulgence won’t destroy your metabolism, so enjoy the time with family & friends. After all, we all have so much to be thankful for.


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