Who’s In Charge? Girls In CHAARG!

Photo by Abigail Roe

There is nothing more important than staying fit and healthy during your college years. Easier said than done, the journey to creating a more active lifestyle is more difficult than you think. Without the motivation and support of others trying to accomplish the same goal, it’s easy to call it quits .

The Penn State CHAARG chapter, “Changing Health, Attitudes, and Actions to Recreate Girls,” was founded in the spring of 2015 and has since impacted the lives of hundreds of girls.

From weekly workouts that range from CrossFit to Yoga to grabbing a healthy lunch with your friends, the CHAARG community has a wide variety of activities that will cater to everyone’s healthy habit needs.

Photo by Abigail Roe

Photo by Abigail Roe

Valley wanted to reach out and hear from Penn State’s very own Chaargies to learn how CHAARG has impacted their lives and ask them what is means to be a CHAARG girl.

Angela Borrelli, a junior majoring in Biobehavioral Health, joined CHAARG due to her passion for fitness and interest in making new friends who love health just as much as her.

“When I first joined [CHAARG] as a sophomore, I hardly had any friends and I was in a very difficult spot mentally and emotionally. I immediately knew I made the right decision to join when I saw how positive and welcoming all the girls were during the first week,” said Borrelli.

“CHAARG helped introduce me to a huge group of supportive and inspirational girls that have helped me become the best version of myself both physically and mentally. I finally feel like I belong here at Penn State.”

One of CHAARG’s missions is to help girls overcome their struggles, both physical and mental, through workouts that make exercise fun and worthwhile.

CHAARG has also caught the eye of a new Nittany Lion, Grace Bradley.

Bradley, a film and video major, came across the organization on Facebook and was instantly hooked by their message and promises to those who join.

“Being a girl who is self conscious about her weight and likes to work out and eat healthy, the club sounded like a perfect fit. I love their motto and the fact that they just want to boost each other’s confidence. Motivation is great and seeing that each girl in CHAARG motivates each other is amazing,” explains Bradley.

Every girl should feel confident in their own body while strutting along campus. Through CHAARG, girls with all different body shapes, eating habits and backgrounds come together each week to uplift, motivate and encourage each other to live a more healthy lifestyle- without feeling alone in the process.

If you are interested in joining CHAARG, visit their website to learn more about the organization.