No Penn State Gym Membership Fee, No Problem—Except One

Photo by Abigail Roe

Though it was never very explicitly or publicly announced to students, Penn State Fitness has now waived the semesterly membership fee for all campus recreation facilities to all full-time and part-time students.

By mostly word of mouth, many students have found it very exciting that gym memberships are finally included in the semesterly tuition—much like it is at other Big Ten schools.

As of late last spring, the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation for Membership Services, Josh Davis, was unsure how definite this development would be.

“It’s been brought up, but as of now it hasn’t gotten anywhere,” Davis said.

This recent and exciting development for Penn State Campus Recreation is certainly one that came about relatively quickly over the summer months given the looming fall semester.

Photo by Abigail Roe

Photo by Abigail Roe

With a simple swipe of their student IDs, students will not only have access to the fitness centers in the IM building and the White Building, but their state of the art features as well like the indoor swimming pools, indoor track, basketball, racquetball, squash, and volleyball courts, as well as all fitness classes, according to a Penn State press release written in July.

The only main concern about this monumental advancement, however, is how this may potentially create an overpopulated gym atmosphere. The less that students have to pay for a gym, the more incentivized they may be to work out.

Given the lack of other gym competition or presence in the downtown State College area, the on-campus recreation centers now serve as the best option for everyone —they don’t have to pay that additional membership fee!

Sarah Sokoloski, a junior rehabilitation and human services major, has been using the Penn State fitness centers quite a bit throughout her time here at Penn State.

I started waking up at 6:45 to go to the gym just to avoid the crowds because it’s almost impossible to get the machines or weights you need when it’s crowded,” Sokoloski said. “As of now there are definitely more students than usual.”

That being said, things are bound to die down, as they usually do, once students become busier with school and less motivated to keep up with their daily exercise routine.

That’s not to speak for when the new additions and renovations of the IM Building open, however.

Renovations were slated for completion this past August, but some finishing touches are still being made.

Generally speaking, Penn State fitness has started the year off right for those gym-loving fitness gurus, and now it seems to be getting even better with the White Building renovations finally being completed and the soon-to-be state of the art facilities being added to the IM Building.