Valley Chats With Local Mud Run Company Left Right Repeat

Mud baths, challenging obstacles, working together as a team to overcome the course and the satisfaction of making it to the finish line—these are just a few things Left Right Repeat is all about.

Valley had the chance to sit down with Michael (“Mo”) Olmstead, Co-Founder of Left Right Repeat about what it is they do and why.


Valley: What is some of the background on Left Right Repeat?

Mo: Both Matthew Grube and I, who is the other Co-Founder in 2013 sat down and discussed starting up our own mud run company. Since we had both done all kinds of mud runs in the past, and being that we’re both physically active people, we decided we wanted to take our own shot at creating our own mud runs and other physically demanding events. In April 2014, Left Right Repeat officially became an LLC (limited liability company).


Valley: Other than the fact that you guys are active, why did you choose to create your own mud runs and physical events?

Mo: The Company was set up on the sole principal of motivating people to get outside of their comfort zones and to try something new. Maybe your comfort zone is a 5k, I’m going to push you a little bit further. Instead of going 3.1 miles in a 5k, I’m going to challenge you to do 5 or 6 miles and to go out of your comfort zone and show you something different with a mud run.

We are going to do more straight running events like 5ks, 10ks, half marathons but we’re also going to do things like our Sweetheart 5k where there were three optional tasks you could do like stop and do some push ups, take photos at a photo wall, or keep running—just being creative with it is what we want to do. There are a lot of running companies out there just doing the same things and we want to take a different spin at things.

Matt and I have done all different kinds of races and mud runs together but we just saw a need in this area for different and more creative events. We wanted to put our own stamp on it and our own creative nature into mud runs. With that being said, we wanted to make sure they were done safely so that people were still doing something physically active, breaking from their comfort zones and completing our events in a completely safe manner.


Valley: Do you guys work with any kind of charity organization?

Mo: Yes we do. The primary organization that we work with is called The Jared Box Project. A portion of all our proceeds (10-20 percent) for almost all of our events goes straight to the local charity.

The Jared Box Project is a charity for kids facing the ultimate obstacles of being sick. We choose to face these obstacles in mud runs willingly—looking forward to the challenge of what’s next, how high I can climb, how far can I push myself… but these kids face obstacles handed to them that they can’t say yes or no to. These kids are not going to school on certain days and are told instead that they’re going to the hospital for treatments for their sicknesses.

Left Right Repeat supports The Jared Box Project because these children face more fears and have more bravery than we could ever have in a lifetime—and usually they manage to do it all with a smile on their faces.

Boxes are made for kids of different age groups, and within the mud runs we incorporate the boxes in the obstacles for participants to encounter.


Valley: What are some things people should expect from the event?

Mo: People should look to be challenged, have a fun time, we encourage laughter during the event—people are going to fall and get muddy during the event but experience multiple feelings of exhilaration when they jump off something and land right in the muddy water. Teamwork—which is another big thing that you’ll gain when participating in the event. Runners are going to meet people on the course that they might not have known when they first arrived, but these people are going to help you get over obstacles, help you complete the course and challenge you again to do something that you might have never thought you could do before.

In the end, you are going to finish with a smile on your face knowing that you completed 5-7 muddy miles and you were challenged, you had a good time and you’ll want to come back for more. The teamwork and comradery that are involved are so important to Left Right Repeat. Not many people can get over a ten-foot wall by themselves—they need a boost, someone to catch them on the other side. People need encouragement and that is what we are all about: making people reach their highest potential and breaking out of their comfort zones.


Valley: New obstacles? Give us the inside scoop unless its top secret…

Mo: There is one obstacle that’s pretty cool; it’s like a balancing beam with a net underneath it. We are utilizing the course in such a way where we force you to go by other heats and waves that are going out. Participants will be crisscrossing other runners; this will be called the “mudder exchange” where two parts of the course will come to an X. Some people will be crawling; others will be going over things. There will be mystery obstacles released only on the race days to keep you wondering, but most of the obstacles are listed on the website so runners can know what to expect.


Valley: What do you want people to know if they’re considering participating in the event?

Mo: Teams are encouraged but not necessary. Participants start in a group of 100+ people and meet people throughout the course. We just want people to know that regardless of the fact if you come with a group or just by yourself, teamwork will happen.

You’re not going to be sprinting the entire time, most people who do these look at it as the art of finishing and having a good time. It’s not about your time like a typical race, it’s about having fun and helping out the people around you and breaking down your own fears—fears of heights, fears of darkness, fear of what is about to come next.

I have personally met some awesome people while doing mud runs, this is what I want people to take from doing them as well. Building your own personal success stories from doing something both challenging and different is what we are striving for.

Also, I know that this event also falls on the weekend before finals, but this is a great opportunity for a few hours to take a study break that will clear your mind and give you an opportunity for a mental break. Why not take a couple hours so that you can come back renewed and refreshed?


For more information:

For any questions concerning registration fees as well as other events for Left Right Repeat, visit their website at where if you have any further questions, fill out a contact form on the site where they will be happy to answer any questions not provided by the website itself.


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