7 Reasons Why Dad Is The Best Cure For Any Situation

Sometimes your days get hard, none of your friends can tell you the right things or give you the right advice, you’ve heard your mom’s kind words a lot lately and you then realize dad is next in line to call.

Having a good relationship with your dad is something most people take for granted—he’s the man in your life that will always be there, so giving him the chance to give you some wisdom might just be your best bet in tough situations.

Here are a few things us “grown up’s” here at college need to give our daddy’s some credit for:

1. There is never a dull moment when you have a conversation—dads always have a tendency to have the best stories to fill your day.

2. Regardless of how stressed out you are, his pet names never get old. Being your daddy’s little princess or his Pooh Bear never make things worse.

3. His texting abilities are not always the greatest, but when he does send you a text throughout the day he always adds that he loves you and makes your day.

4. Before coming back to college, he always makes sure you have enough spending cash for yourself and typically slips you an extra $20 or two for strictly drinking purposes.

5. Regardless of how old you are or how you handle any situation, he will always be your own personal bodyguard on request.

6. He’s always interested in what you are learning in class—even if its something he probably would never be interested in, he never stops telling you how proud he is of your hard work.

7. Lastly, dads always allow you to vent and scream about things that you might not want to say to your mom. A little bit of sailor talk in dad’s opinions builds character and is good for you.

Next time you feel your phone buzzing and your dads calling or texting you to remind you of his unconditional love—remember to never take that for granted. He might badger you about some of the things you might not want to hear, but at the end of the day he is always there to make you smile.

Forever being your daddy’s little girl never made “growing up” look so easy.


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