DIY Dream Catcher

Photo by Stephanie Distasio

Dream catchers originated with The Ojibwe people and symbolized the Spider Woman who was known to take care of the children and other people who had it in their presence.

The dream catcher is something that not only has history and interesting legends added to it, but it is also something fun to make.


What you’ll need

A bangle or large ring (metal)

Artificial sinew (this could be sinew, yarn, string)

Suede Lace (this could also be yarn or fabric…) and you will need 1-2 yards of it

1 metal charm for the center of your dream catcher

Beads (variety is amazing)

White Tacky Glue



What to do

1. Use the glue to start wrapping your bangle or large ring with the suede lace

2. Once you have wrapped the entire ring, you will knot the sinew around the ring.

3. Once you knot the first row of sinew, begin the second

4. Continue adding as many rows as you want or can (depending on whether you chose to use a bangle or a larger ring the amounts will vary)

5. Finish your sinew center in a knot

6. Use your left over suede lace to create the hanger for your dream catcher and for the tassels that are going to hang from it

7. Once you knot (and glue to reinforce it) your suede tassels on your finished ring, add the beads and feathers and go crazy with it

8. Instagram/Facebook upload a picture with of it with a #DIY and send a picture of your creation to all of your friends and family!

9. Hang above your bed in your dorm apartment or an alternative would be in your car for when you’re driving!


#DIY projects are always a fun alternative for a lazy day—what’s better than making something that you can show off and be proud of?


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