How to Get the Perfect Cat Eye

From grungy to girly and every look in between, the cat eye has always been a makeup style that can be worn with almost any kind of outfit, and believe it or not is a lot easier to do than you may have thought.

Whether you’re going out on the town, to a concert, a date, dinner with family, or just to class—the cat eye always looks great as well as sophisticated.

The problem, however, is perfecting that look, and getting your cat eyes to be even as well as the perfect length on both of your eyes. Trust us, we know the struggle, that’s why we’re here to help.

After getting tired of constantly having to start over, wasting makeup remover, and fuming with frustration a trick was discovered that you can do that does most of the work for you—avoiding the frustration you’ve developed in the past. With the use of something simple, that almost everyone has around, this look can be yours in no time.

Scotch Tape

By splitting a piece of tape in half and placing the pieces on the outer corners of your eyes (we suggest using a magnified mirror for precision and then a regular mirror for the application) the tape does the work for you. The best way of getting the exact angels on both sides is by lining up the tape diagonally from the edge of your brow line.

The next step is choosing the right kind of eyeliner to draw the line with. We suggest using a thin marker liner or gel liner and a brush for easier application.

The length you choose to do next is up to the amount of drama you want in your cat eye—and remember, going big and bold is always acceptable.

After the line is drawn, with the tape still in place, make a triangle (again as bold and thick as you choose) from the top of the line to the edge of your outer lash line and fill it in. It’s okay if you get eyeliner all over the tape, its there to be your guide and you’ll be taking it off anyways.

Make sure you fill in the triangle well and smooth out the line with the eyeliner on your eyelid.

After filling in the liner, check to make sure you have a define point at the end of your line—if it isn’t straight, don’t panic, you can always fix it easily with the tape as your guide.

Now it’s time for your big reveal. From the bottom of your tape, lightly peel off the piece angling it away from your eyelid. From this you’re going to see that you can get the perfect cat eye by using something as simple as Scotch Tape.

Step-By-Step Directions:
  1. Split the tape in half evenly with your fingers or a pair of scissors
  2. Place the tape on the edges of your outer lash line, and line it up diagonally with the edge of your eyebrows
  3. Choose your eyeliner
  4. Line your lash line and fill in any white spaces you may have
  5. With the tape working as your guide, draw the cat eye line to the desired length you choose
  6. From the top of the line, make a triangle back down to the outer lash line
  7. Fill in the triangle as well as lining it up with the eyeliner on your lash line
  8. Check to see if you have a define point at the end of your cat eye line
  9. Add some finishing touches and make sure the lines match up
  10. Lightly remove the tape from the bottom of the strip


Voilà! The perfect cat eye.


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