Quest Protein

Photo by Kimberly Hutchison

After a workout, would it make sense for you to have a snickers bar with a protein shake? Probably not! This may seem strange, but the truth is the shake and snickers is equivalent to the majority of protein bars on the market. People normally just look right at the high protein count and fail to realize the high sugars, carbs, and fats.

Quest bars are very popular right now and it is not surprising why. These bars are great because they come in a wide variety of flavors that have low to no sugar, carbs, and are low-glycemic. Quest bars are also gluten-free and soy-free. When you look at the nutrition, the carb count may seem high, but due to the fact that the bars have such a high fiber count, it cancels out the carbs and leaves you with about 3-6 net carbs.

If this isn’t enough, they taste great too. Quest has 16 flavors on their site right as of now and they are all sweetened naturally or with stevia. Some of Valley’s favorite flavors are cookies and cream, cinnamon roll, banana nut muffin, chocolate chip cookie dough, and their newest flavor, s’mores.

Not only does Quest sell bars, but also protein chips and powder as well. That’s right you heard me, CHIPS. And yes, they are both just as awesome.

Another great thing about these three products is that you can use them in various recipes. Quest has been successful in their #15secondrecipes videos, which in 15 seconds shows you how to make things from meatloaf and stuffed mushrooms to chocolate lava cake and cinnamon rolls. The products are very good for helping you “cheat clean.”

As Quest says on their website, “Healthy eating should be fun! You deserve amazing taste and excellent nutrition. That’s why we created Quest Protein Bars, Quest Protein Powders and Quest Protein Chips so you can love what you eat without compromising on your nutrition”

Next time you are looking for a protein fill, I recommend skipping the snickers and protein shake equivalent, and grabbing a Quest product!!

Tip: You can find bars at GNC and now Wegmans too!