Pick of the Week: Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal

Primer and setting spray are great for keeping your makeup put, but sometimes they just don’t do the job. For those instances when it is raining during football games or you are sweating buckets at a party, you need Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal in your life.

This product may just be a small dropper bottle, but a little bit goes a long way. It is primarily designed for eye products, but can also be used for foundation, blush, eyebrows, and more. Even if you have a dramatic winged liner, aqua seal will ensure that it won’t budge.

Junior Lauren Moses commented on the product saying,

“I mixed just a little bit of the Aqua Seal with my foundation, concealer, eyeliner, and eyebrows for the rainy football game last week and I was amazed that my makeup still looked great afterwards.”

Not only does it waterproof products, but it intensifies pigment as well. So, it makes your eye shadows more vivid. It even allows you to use eye shadows as a smooth, lasting eyeliner. It also adheres loose glitter and pigments. Never use it with mascara though because it could cause damage to your lashes.

You can either mix a small drop of the Aqua Seal with your product or lay it over top as a sealer. However, before applying it to your face, it is always best to test whatever you are mixing it with on your hand.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal really takes your products to the next level. Whether you are crying or at the pool, this is definitely something that you need to have in your makeup kit.

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