Photo by Stephanie Distasio

DIY Dream Catcher


The dream catcher is something that not only has history and interesting legends added to it, but it is also something fun to make. DIY projects are always a fun alternative for a lazy day—what’s better than making something that you can show off and be proud of?


Bringing Back The 90’s Styles


The 1990’s were a time of grungy styles, obnoxious colors, Lisa Frank, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and much more. Every girl wanted to be one of the Spice Girls, rock platform shoes and may or may not still own a beloved hair crimper.


Five Fruits For Glowing Skin


Do you ever get sick of using multiple face washes, moisturizers and having to wear cover-up because your face is lacking that “natural glow” that everyone else seems to have? We did some research and compiled a list of five fruits that can give you that glow you have been looking for all winter long.


The Best Off-Campus Study Spots


Because there are so many of us here at Main Campus, there’s almost no guarantee your favorite study spot won’t be unoccupied when you need it most. When all else fails, we found the best off-campus study spots for you and your books to call home, if only for the afternoon.


Valley Chats With Local Rock Group Whiskey Business


Happy Valley is a place full of constant excitement as well as tons of entertainment. Each fall and spring semester students flow into State College ready for a new and exciting journey to add to their college career—one group of guys that Valley had the opportunity to talk to expressed their excitement through music and entertaining their friends.