The Best Off-Campus Study Spots

On campus, there are arrays of places that you can go to sprawl out your books, get on computers, meet with friends and use as your study hut for as long as you may wish, but it’s finding that spot and keeping it that can often be a challenge.  Because there are so many of us here at Main Campus, there’s almost no guarantee your favorite study spot won’t be unoccupied when you need it most.

But have no fear! When all else fails, Valley has found the best off-campus study spots for you and your books to call home, if only for the afternoon.

Dunkin Donuts
200 West College Avenue

Open 24 Hours

Everyone loves Dunkin Donuts coffee; it just gets better when you can study here, too.

Megan McLaurin, a junior double majoring in general science and print journalism says, “I come here sometimes when the campus is crowded, and I enjoy studying here a lot, but sometimes the music can be loud and that can be distracting.”

That being said, Dunkin may be more suited for the late-night studier, when you’re doing some last minute work and need a caffeine boost.

Chronic Town
224 West College Avenue

Sunday-Thursday: 12pm-12am
Friday-Saturday: 12pm-2am

A lot of you may have passed this place while either walking to class or when visiting the next-door Five Guys restaurant. Chronic Town is known for being a hookah bar, but also has some awesome espresso drinks and record-finds that are hard to get your hands on anywhere else. The place  itself has a dungeon theme and is a cool alternative to sitting in the stacks.

“I really like the table space, and they don’t really care if you stay very long,” says graduate student Naomi Zewde. With the comfort of dimmed lights and soft music, Chronic Town is a great off-campus alternative and has reasonable hours for everyone to take advantage of.

“When I’m studying here, it feels less like work,” said Zewde.

Starbucks Coffee
232 West College Avenue

Monday-Friday: 6am-11pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not the atmosphere of a Starbucks cafe pulls almost everyone in and makes him or her feel at home.

With their new and improved look, the Starbucks on West College is a trendy new spot to hammer out some studying or a good place to meet with a TA/professor.

Shannon Sheridan-Chiaro, a junior studying advertising says, “Starbucks has a nice atmosphere, they serve food and drinks and it is much more comfortable than the typical uptight campus scene.”

Webster’s Bookstore Café
133 East Beaver Avenue

Monday-Friday: 7am-8pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-8pm

A café that serves a full food menu, drinks, hosts occasional poetry readings, concerts, has yet another record section and walls of new and used books to choose from, Webster’s is a hidden off-campus gem.

“The cool thing about studying here is that literally anything can happen,” says Greg Venturini, a senior studying sociology. “Argentinian tango and poetry spitting can happen as well as local artists coming through. You can meet some of the best personalities down here.”

The staff at Webster’s are friendly and outgoing, the coffee and food options were endless, and the overall warmth of the place is something you can’t seem to get anywhere on campus.

Mixing up where you go and study is a fun way to change up your study style. Breaking out of old routines is something we could all do—why not try hanging out somewhere new?


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